November 7, 2008

-wow! what a day it has been. i had to get up @ 5am to take johnny to work (luckily his mother was here to watch the girls) so i could have the truck to take allison to her appointment (that was cancelled)! johnny went to watch his friend race in "pinks: all out" and lori & i took the twins to wal-mart and big lots for a little Christmas shopping. i can't believe how quickly it is sneaking up on me.

i was on my way home this morning (roughly 5:40am) and i have to say that i was completely blown away by the San Diego skyline. i was on the bay bridge heading towards San Diego and everything was pitch black, with the exception of all the city lights. everything just seemed to "sparkle". i looked over to my right (@ the mountains) and was brought to near tears...there was a pop of bright orange running along the tops of the mountains as the sun was coming up. it was amazing and wonderful to see such a beautiful sight. i literally had chills and wished i could have captured it's beauty for everyone to see...but you all know how much i hate bridges!! if anything it reminded me how beautiful our world is and how we need to be grateful for every single day that we are given. God has a funny way of popping up in my life..and i KNOW that he was there with me this morning while i was witnessing such a life changing view.

i have been so happy lately. i don't mean "happy" as in wearing a constant smile...i mean HAPPY! i feel at peace with my life. i have no worries, no regrets and i am enjoying every minute of it. our country has chosen a new president and i am anxiously awaiting the change that is desperately needed. i am very much a Republican and do not agree with many of Mr. Obama's views, but i DO think that he has a great way of looking at things. this country is in a big need of help and no matter who are next president may be, i just hope that things are corrected and we can make a change for the better. we are all in a tough time right now and it saddens me to see out country in such dismay. regardless of our political views, we DO have a new president and we should all do our best to stand behind him. i pray daily that we can find a smart and efficient way out of this horrible economic crisis.

alyssa is still walking like a champ and she is usually just walking "because she can". she loves to just walk back and forth between the living room and kitchen. you can tell she is so proud of herself and wants to work on her new skill. allison is just DIEING to walk. she is starting to get frustrated that she is unable to move around like her sister.

we are going on a "Seal Tour" tomorrow and you can believe that i will have TONS of pictures to show everyone. i am very excited to get out of the house and see all the sights. it should be a fun and interesting day.

take care and God Bless!

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