November 3, 2008

-the twins are sleeping right now and i am trying to enjoy the piece and quiet that i so rarely get. with the time change came VERY early mornings. it probably sounds like sleeping in to most, but the girls had me up at 7:30. i'm sorry, but that is a NO go in this house. i need to AT LEAST sleep in until 8:30 to be able to function. haha. the only good thing about early mornings are the early naps that quickly follow! the sun is peeking out through the clouds today and its chilly with a slight breeze...what more could you ask for? 99% of the year is sun shine and hot days so it really makes me want to enjoy days like today.

i am really starting to enjoy my days with the twins more and more as they are getting older. they are so much easier to entertain and feed. i consider myself extremely blessed to have twins. luckily they have each other to play with and keep each other busy. if it weren't for that, then i am sure i would be a complete wreck. alyssa & allison are truly best friends and it puts a smile on my face to just watch them interact. alyssa is walking everywhere now and doesn't let anything get in her way. when she falls/trips she is back up within 2 seconds. its unbelievable. we have started giving the girls actual "snacks" now (its been cheese cubes and cheerios until now) and they are loving it. oatmeal cream pies seem to be a favorite so far. i choose a new snack everyday and they are loving the variety and surprise of it all.

i think i scared alyssa yesterday and i hope it doesn't effect her progress with potty training. she was going potty after her nap and she started to spray everywhere because of how she was sitting. i, of course, screamed and scooted her back on the seat. she immediately got a pouty face and started to cry. my heart instantly broke into a million pieces and i just wanted to hold her. luckily she DID finish going and everything was fine, but i just hope she continues to amaze me. i know a lot of people are in shock that i have actually been able to get her to use her potty chair at such a young age...i am just as shocked! i love the stage that we are at right now. they are both still in diapers, but we sit on the potty every know and then. its very casual and i'm not very strict about it. so far...its working great!

well, there is laundry to be done, lunch to be made, diapers to change and flowers to be watered...HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!

God Bless

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