November 9, 2008

-today is Sunday and i am SO thankful that johnny has the next two days off. for starters, his mom is still here and it is nice that he will have those extra days to spend with her...but its always nice to have two extra hands, ears and eyes around the house.

we did the "seal tour" yesterday and it was fabulous. the weather was more than perfect and we all had a great time. we got to see a little of downtown San Diego and a lot of the bay. the best part of the whole tour was when we saw all of the sea lions out in the bay. there was easily a hundred of them just laying around. there were so many sail boats out on the water taking advantage of the windy weather it was an amazing sight to see. the girls had a great time and really enjoyed the wind in their hair and seeing all of the sights. for being as young as they are, they sure sat still and we were very well behaved for the 90 minute tour. i was very impressed. i also learned a cool little fact about San gun was filmed here and we got to see the bar where they sing "great balls of fire". it caught on fire, but is being rebuilt!! i had NO idea...and i love that movie. we also walked along seaport village while we were downtown and i had a great time. johnny and i got to take the twins on their first carousel ride and they did great. they sat on their horses and held on tight like the big girls that they are! they really liked being able to see themselves in the mirrors that lined the center of the ride. it was a great experience that i will never forget. we finished the night off with ice cream and headed home.

today was a pretty long day. johnny was gone all afternoon @ the casino with a friend from work. its nice seeing him get out of the house and enjoy himself...even if he blows money like its of no importance. haha. when he got home we took me out to dinner (outback steakhouse) and we had a great night. luckily his mom was here to babysit and we were able to enjoy each other for the first time in months. we officially made a promise to each other to get a babysitter at least once a week (if only for a couple of hours) to get to know each other again. the twins are 16 months and so much has happened since they were born and johnny & i have changed so much. it will be nice to act our age for a change and let loose! haha. of course we went by target on our way home and got a few more Christmas presents for the twins. they are going to have a Christmas to remember. Grandma Stone has gone a little Christmas crazy and has bought the girls just about everything you could imagine. johnny and i are going to have to really think to figure out what else to buy. haha. i am not complaining...the girls' will have a great day and LOTS of toys for the months to come.

we are thinking about going to Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow and hopefully that plan works out. it all depends on whether everyone has school or not...we are trying to go on a day that is not busy so the girls can play without being pushed to the side by the big kids. *keep your fingers crossed* i am pretty excited!

everything is going great for the Stone family and everyone is happy and healthy!

God Bless

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