November 30, 2008

-the weekend is finally over...and it sure was a long action packed one. johnny got to come home very early on Wednesday and we were able to relax before Thanksgiving. Thursday came and went in a blur that i am still having a hard time remembering. we had a few of our friends over, ate a big delicious meal, played some games and basically had a great time. Friday was just a lazy day and re-decorating the Christmas tree. we bought our tree last year when the twins were tiny little babies and we were on a tight budget. therefore we bought cheap bulbs and that was it to decorate...and COLORED lights! ugh! i prefer white lights...and that is what we got. we also picked up a few more ornaments and bulbs to jazz things up. the tree looks amazing and better than ever. Saturday flew by with naps, naps and more naps!! Johnny had watch today and then we just hung out and watched movies all day. overall, its been a great weekend. i do wish i could have been in Illinois...with all of the snow :( i am quite jealous! there is nothing like the first snow and i have not seen one in years.

in so many ways, the girls are growing up and becoming toddlers right in front of my face. it was just today that i scolded alyssa for getting into "i can't even remember now" and she marched right to her little couch and folded her arms. she wouldn't even look at me. i couldn't help but walk back to the sink laughing hysterically. it was until i finished the dishes that i was able to stop laughing. i noticed allison today holding her doll. she didn't know i was watching her and i was able to witness her put her dolls lips to her own forehead (that is her idea of a kiss) and then she proceeded to "walk" her doll around the dining room. i heard the "tap tap tap" of the doll's shoes hitting the floor. i was amazed because i simply didn't know she understood what to do with her doll. i have been teaching them to "love" on their dolls and give them kisses...but NEVER have i "played" dolls with them and taught them to play make-believe. i was shocked at her intelligence. the girls are learning to sit by the baby gate and wait for johnny or i to walk through. even after we shut the gate, the girls decide they better check it and walk up to the gate and SHAKE it as hard as they can. of course they never get through, but they feel the need to try anyway. now that they are older its common knowledge not to do something to one of them without expecting to do it to the other. they watch me like a hawk and never let me forget to treat them equally. i kind of enjoy it. :) poor allison had a hard time going to sleep tonight. for starters she is teething...and she also hasn't had a BM in 3 days now. like usual, i have been giving her miraLAX every other day (with the occasional extra dose) and still nothing. my heart aches for her every time i hear her grunt and start to cry. i have never felt so hopeless in my life. lately i have had to sneak alyssa up on the counter to give her cheese. its just not fair to give it to her and let her rub it in her sisters face...we now have to keep it a secret due to allison's issues! :(

i have not posted pictures in so long (because i am lazy) so here you go....LOTS and LOTS of pics.

johnny and alyssa
johnny and allison playing a video game
its her new favorite thing
just chillaxin watching a movie
yep, those are my girls
allison reading a book
alyssa kay
johnny and alyssa
we kinda sorta maybe gave them a Christmas present a month early! haha
climbing up the stairs with their daddy
alyssa LOVES her little couch!
allison came to join her
just playing
allison little mini me!
they love love love them
alyssa, allison
haha...alyssa first thing in the morning!
peeking in at mommy!

God Bless

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