November 1, 2008

-can you believe its November? the next thing you know it will be Christmas! as you all know, Halloween was last night and we decided to dress the twins up as ballerinas (pink and purple) and they loved their little tutus! we didn't walk around the whole neighborhood or anything (they are still too little for MAJOR trick-or-treating) but we went outside and showed the neighbors their costumes and took pictures. we also went to wal-mart to pick up a few things and eat dinner. by the time we got home the streets were filled with goblins, witches, ninjas, princesses and everything in between. it was such a thrill to see all of the little kids dressed up and running around with such enthusiasm. both girls were tired and fussy so we opted to put them to bed early and enjoy the night of scary horror movies! :) here are a few pictures from last night...
alyssa ready to go get some candy!
johnny and his girls
me & my babies
another one with daddy
they sure know how to cheese it up, huh?!
johnny, getting allison all buckled up
alyssa was ready to go to wal-mart
me and allison
johnny and alyssa
allison...she amazes me with her beauty!

we literally could NOT walk through wal-mart last night. every two steps we took we were getting stopped by complete strangers who were in awe of our beautiful twin ballerinas! God has truly blessed us with such happy and healthy little girls. love and happiness just pours out of them through their sparkling eyes and ear to ear smiles. i even find myself hypnotized by their spunk and giddiness!
johnny an i decided to spend the day out of the house today and we went to base and strolled through the commissary and NEX. i had a great day overall. i finally bought some AMAZING pasta salad that i have been searching for. my friend, Allie, had me try it one night and it has been on mind 24/7 ever since. of course i made it as soon as we got home and shared it with the twins. needless to say...i didn't even get half! it is now a favorite of the girls'. we also gave the girls "soda" for the very first time tonight (other than little sips here and there) and they were burping like crazy. we will definitely NOT be trying that again. hehe.
with the election only days away, it seems to be on my mind more than what i would like. this is the first election that i am able to VOTE!! unfortunately i had to place an absentee ballot (so i don't have the whole "voting" experience) but at least i got my voice out. i can't wait to see who wins the election and who will be our next president. which ever wins, i just hope they can make a difference.
we filled up on gas tonight and i just had to tell everyone how excited i am. this summer it was nearly $95 to fill up our tank (04 Ford Explorer) it was $54. i am through the roof! i can't even believe the difference.
johnny's mom arrives in California in two short days and i wish the twins could understand. i just know that they would be jumping for joy.
alyssa is using her potty chair DAILY now and walking basically everywhere she needs to go. she doesn't talk much so she isn't telling me when she has to go...i just put them both on the potty every so often and she does her business. i can't even tell you how many diapers we are saving! haha. she is usually always dry and i think she is starting to feel proud of herself for doing such a good job. i never in a million year thought that she would take to potty training this quickly. she amazed me once again. allison isn't very interested in ANYTHING these days....only food. haha. she has gone potty once, but that is it. she does very well when she sits on it, but doesn't go. i am by no means disappointed in her. i know that she will come around in her own time and i don't expect anything major for a couple of months. she is still a baby and she can stay that way as long as she wants. :)
my cousin's wife is about to have her baby. as of right now she is in the hospital and extremely excited. they are expecting a little girl! they have a 4 year old little boy right now and i am so excited to see their perfect little family after their baby is born. please keep them all in your thought and prayers!
God Bless

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