November 11, 2008

-today is Tuesday, November 11, 2008...Veteran's Day! this day not only means a lot to me because of my husband, who proudly serves our country in the US Navy, but because of my grandpa. its been almost three months since i have talked to him and it feels like its been years. he was so proud of his country and he was honored to have served in the Army. i miss my grandpa more than what everyone thinks. its hard for my to talk about the fact that he is no longer with us and i cry every time i think about him. i miss him dearly!

we took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese's yesterday and had a great time. both girls really enjoyed the rides and being able to WALK around. allison especially liked the rides and i will never forget the smile she had on her face all day long. we got them a new balloon (my birthday balloon is about shot) with Chuck E. Cheese's face on it and they love it. they get a real kick out of playing with it. we will definitely be going there often in the future!

allison got her first "boo-boo" yesterday and it about broke my heart. she was standing up drinking her sippy cup when she fell over...FACE FIRST! her lip was smashed between her teeth and her sippy and split right open. she cried for a little bit and was bleeding of course...but she took it like a champ. she didn't even let it bother her for the rest of the day. i was so proud of her!

johnny had duty yesterday and because today was a holiday, he had to muster this morning. he called me on his way home and i had breakfast ready when he walked through the door. so far its been a wonderful day and the weather is looking fantastic! i think we might take the girls to the park today and let them walk around. they are getting bigger everyday and its hard to keep up with them. if they aren't learning something new then they are changing in looks. its something new everyday x2! haha. allison took about 14-16 steps today and i am so proud of her. she watched her sister walk and now she is ready. it may take her a little while to do things, but she sure does it all well...i am so lucky!

God Bless

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