November 20, 2008

-i have really been slacking when it comes to "blogging" lately and i apologize. we have had family staying with us off and on the last month and things are finally starting to calm down. Thanksgiving is a week away and i couldn't be more excited about cooking (my first REAL Thanksgiving dinner), spending time with friends and enjoying everything that i have to be thankful for. everyday when i grab something out of the freezer, i see this 15lb turkey just waiting to be eaten. i can't wait! we officially put up our Christmas tree. i was really looking forward to putting it up the day after Thanksgiving (i am big on traditions) but with johnny's mom here and seeing all the presents that were wrapped and waiting to go under the tree (we were running out of room to store them) i just had to put it up. lori was able to see the look on the girls' face when they saw the lights for the first time, and now she might have an idea of what our Christmas morning will be life. after two days of the twins ripping the wrapping paper on most of the presents, my mom bought us a really nice play yard to put around the tree. i LOVE it and would recommend it to everyone. the girls can no longer reach the tree OR the presents and we can still enjoy the lights and festiveness of Christmas.

Both girls are walking now and i have to say that it is very hard to get used to. i am in awe just watching them walk from room to room and explore the house. as a mother of twins i was worried and dreaded the day that they would take their first steps. i thought for sure it would be the death of me to chase after two toddlers and keep them out of trouble. i am happy to say that i actually enjoy them walking and wish they would have started much earlier. i no longer have to carry them around anymore (except down the stairs) and my back is VERY happy. the entire downstairs is "baby proof" and they have 100% access to everything. to be quite job is a piece of cake! obviously i get on the floor and read to them and tickle them, but they would much rather just play with each other. because they have each other to occupy their time, i am left with plenty of spare time to get things done around the house and even catch up on some One Life To Live. haha. the girls have been taking a (almost) four hour nap lately and even a 1-2 hour nap later in the evening. i don't know whether to celebrate or to prepare myself for it all to change! :) life is really nice right now.

johnny and i went to another "family indoc" the other night and i got to meet a lot of people that he work's with. (of course none of them brought their wives) i learned a little bit about "united through reading" where johnny will be able to make a dvd of him reading a book to the girls and then mail it home to us. i will then be able to let the girls watch the video every night before bed. its a great way to remind the girls daily how much their daddy loves and misses them and they get to hear his voice and see his face. i am thrilled about it and can't wait to see what book he chooses to read. i can't help but think about how difficult it will be for me to watch this video. to hear his voice and see him, but not be able to hold him or carry a conversation. it will be hard, but we will make it through. as of right now it looks like johnny will be heading to Mississippi in March 2009 but we are still unsure exactly when his ship will be leaving the port. hopefully he won't be gone for too long. we already know that he will be missing alyssa & allison's 2nd birthday and that is enough. luckily he will get to sing them "happy birthday" on the video and i can play it for them on their birthday. it's amazing, the things that they do for military men and their families!

while johnny's mom was here we went to sea are a few pictures!

johnny & i
our little family
one of the many dolphins we saw
the shark exhibit was the BEST!
the sea lions were adorable

God Bless

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