November 22, 2008

-i am so beyond frustrated at the moment and i can't take it anymore. we have ANTS in our UPSTAIRS MASTER BATHROOM! this will be the third time in a year that we have had ants in our home. i don't want to sound arrogant, but my house is pretty well kept and clean. i don't understand how or why they keep coming in the house. the first time we got them they were coming in through the electrical outlets in the dining room. the second time they were coming out through the stove and cable outlet in the kitchen. now they are coming out of the "over flow" in the master bathtub and sink. UGH! we are not talking just a few ants...we're talking TONS and TONS and a few more! yes, i know how to get rid of them...but i don't want to have them to begin with. i am almost scared to go into the bathroom now and even resorted to taking my shower in the girls' bathroom today. its disgusting! if you don't know, we live in military housing. i hate to complain, but i hate it here! the house appears to be VERY nice at the first look...three nice sized bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, 2 car garage and large living room...NOT! the refrigerator leaked for months before they fixed it, the stove has been broken numerous times, the cable connection SUCKS, we came home one afternoon to our bedroom screen on our patio (freaky) and to top it all off, we can't park our truck anywhere other than our garage in fear that it will get its windows busted in and everything stolen. its quite ridiculous really and i am irritated. military housing will only tell me that 1) pest control comes around on Tuesdays, make an appointment, the first visit is free and then WE pay every other time 2) we have an alarm system...USE IT 3) maintenance has a 24 hour you need us to give it to you?

alright, enough of that! i can't believe its the weekend already...thank goodness! i am so looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow. i did promise johnny that he could sleep in on Sunday though.. :( haha. we moved the living room around today so we could make it impossible for the girls to get to the Christmas tree. i have to say, i LOVE the new arrangement and now we are able to use the gate that my mom got for us outside! we took the girls outside today and put the gate to the works great. i am so excited to finally have it.

we got the twins some new shoes yesterday (they are finally in size 3 @ 17 months) and they are already all scuffed up. haha. i guess i should be excited and proud that they are walking enough AND well enough to scuff them up. its a little irritating @ times because even though the shoes were only $11/each...that's $22 for ONE pair of shoes that they will wear for what? 2 months? *sigh

today would be my niece Kaylee's 7th birthday...

sissy misses you SO much!
also, my cousin had her baby boy yesterday! i am not 100% sure on the details, but i believe he was 8lbs 10oz and 20 1/2 in long. Congratulations Jessica and Clint!!
mommy and baby are happy and healthy!
God Bless

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