October 28, 2008

-today is HOT HOT HOT! i love living in California, but i sure do miss all the seasons of Illinois. i think part of me just wants to grab a sweater and have a bon fire at my parent's house. :( i guess i can't complain too much...i was at the beach last week. i am really looking forward to Halloween on Friday. i really hope the girls are up to it. i already know i am going to have to carry allison, but hopefully alyssa can walk for most of it. i think we are going to stay within our subdivision and only visit people we know. i am SO glad that the girls got a wagon for their birthday...we can always pull them around in that.

the girls have sat on their potty chair several times today with no luck. i am not surprised, but i am amazed at how well they are taking to the chair. they like to sit on it to watch TV, take it apart, and even use it as a cup holder! they are hilarious! Jan. 1st is the day i have chosen to start formally potty training them. by then they will feel comfortable on the potty and hopefully be able to say all the key words..."poop" "pee" "potty" you know! we are also getting the girls "big girl" princess panties for Christmas. i am hoping all of these things together will help them want to use the potty like big girls. (keep your fingers crosses)

both girls are changing in looks and i can't seem to keep up with them. i already have two to watch and memorize...but just when i think i know everything about them they decide to pop another tooth, their hair gets longer, their mannerisms change! UGH. alyssa is becoming such a cuddle bug and allison is slowly becoming a little drama queen. this is not the first time they have "switched" roles on me. haha. as much as i don't like it, i think i enjoy the change and living day to day. i love waking up thinking allison is the one crying when it is really alyssa...i thinks its great how when they are fighting over a toy and i think alyssa is being a bully, its allison! these changes are what make my days so much fun and so interesting.

here are a few pics from yesterday....just hanging out in their bedroom!


ALWAYS wanting on my lap!

allison (look @ those eyes)


i absolutely love this picture. it captures everything i love about both of my daughters. alyssa is so much fun and always up for a challenge. she is the first to do everything and has no fears. she is feisty and adventurous! allison is more shy and takes a little while to warm up to people and things. she is a sweetheart with the most gorgeous pair of eyes i have ever seen. she is delicate and loving!

God Bless

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