October 1, 2008

-where does time go and why does it have to go by so fast? this is one of the things i have been struggling with lately. my days start off slow, but it feels like i blink and its 10pm. its October already and it feels like the summer just began. i am thrilled for the Fall season to be here, but sad that the year is almost over. i have had so much fun this year with the twins. they have grown so much and have amazed me in every way possible. they are the reason for my permanent smile, the reason i get up every morning, my inspiration and drive. i love being a mom and i do my best to raise the girls the best way i know possible. both girls can point to their noses and we are working on their ears and mouths. they have been picking up on things quickly the last few days and i am so proud.
i was excited when the girls' hair started to turn red, but as the days go by it is starting to lighten up. their hair appears to be red, but when you look at the roots its BLOND! i'm not quite sure what color it is going to stay, but i had a golden strawberry blond growing up and my hair didn't get as dark until jr. high. i can't wait to see what is going to happen with these beautiful little girls. their eyes are shockingly gorgeous!! i love to just stare at them...especially when they smile and their eyes start to sparkle.
"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."
Albert Schweitzer
today was a busy busy day. johnny was sprayed with "oc spray" again. luckily this time was MUCH better than the last. he got to come home around noon and we were able to spend the day running errands and grocery shopping with the twins. johnny even talked me into buying new cell phones. alright, i admit that i LOVE mine! hehe. we knew that we were going to have a little extra money because of his raise and this is the way he wanted to spend it. it makes me so happy to see him happy. this weekend is the Miramar air show and johnny is volunteering ALL weekend. i have decided to take the girls out to see a night show. i figure it will be too hot during the day and i don't feel like dealing with fussy babies and getting burnt all at the same time. it should be a great time. it has been ridiculously hot out lately. it got up to 95 degrees here today...and i HATED it. you can barely manage in heat like that. i love when the sun goes down and it gets cold so quickly. i have really enjoyed sitting outside with johnny the last few weeks and taking that time to go over our days experiences, laughs and frustrations. i have been helping johnny the last two days and making training jackets for the Navy. as you all know, i am a perfectionist and i have been basically doing all the work. hehe. i don't mind, it actually calms me. besides, he watches the girls while i work...who could argue with that?!
i was very pleased when i transformed our spare room into the playroom/office for the girls and i spend our days in. however, its getting a little small for two growing babies. because its at the top of the stairs i have to trap them in with the baby gate. :( they also can't walk yet...UGH, so i am unable to take them outside by myself. i guess we are just at a weird stage and i can't wait for it to pass. i look forward to the day when i can take the girls outside to play and let them run around and explore. luckily i live in San Diego and will be able to take the girls outside all year around. that should really make a difference. i am really looking forward to tomorrow because johnny promised me i could buy some more decorations. i love being young and starting fresh. johnny and i haven't had the opportunity to buy things for the house and decorate yet. this time two years ago i found out i was prego with twins and last year i was dealing with them being newborns. this is the first time as a married couple that we have really been able to enjoy this time of year. it makes me really sad because it was this time four years ago that johnny and i got so close and became best friends. the love came later, after we already knew everything there was to know about each other. we have the best memories of Fall and all that it has to offer.
"There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way."
Christopher Morley
this January will mark johnny's fourth year in the Navy and it's when he was originally planning on getting out. obviously things have changed and he will be staying in, but i can still remember when we would tell each other "its only four years. we can do this". now look...we are happily married with two children. it blows my mind thinking about the mysterious way in which God works. never in a million years could i have guessed this is where i would be in life @ 20, but i am thrilled. i find myself constantly thinking about how blessed i am and how happy i am. i know you are all probably gagging right now, but i am at such a great place in my life. johnny and i are stronger than ever and i guess you would have to be to handle the two little tornadoes we call our daughters. they are a whirlwind that i could never have imagined. here are some pictures from today...enjoy!
alyssa getting ready for breakfast
allison munching on some "cheeri no-nos" hehe
i am saving all of our cans so i can paint them for the holidays and johnny and alyssa were having a little fun with them. isn't she adorable!?
i was making my bed one day and noticed that it was too quiet in the playroom...i found alyssa in the closet on top of my radio. she is crazy a girl!
so cute...alyssa
alyssa was wanting some mommy time
eating some dessert @ the NEX food court
alyssa was KNOCKED out
gorgeous allison leanne

God Bless

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