October 7, 2008

-let me start off by apologizing. i know how many people tune in to see what is new with the fabulous Stone Family and unfortunately our internet has been down for two days. no problems...its back up and running! :) i know its only been a couple of days since my last post, but SO much has happened. for starters, its HOT HOT HOT here in San Diego. yes, the nights are starting to cool off, but i have just about had it with this hot sweaty weather. i am ready to enjoy fall and all of its coldness! hehe. i got more decorations for the house...surprise surprise!! including a cinnamon broom which i love. i have to say that it was much stronger than i thought. the first night alone gave johnny and i both horrible headaches. the house smells wonderful now and very much like a home. i also got a scarecrow for out living room and makes the whole place feel like Fall. we have named him "Ted" and he scares the crap out of me every time i come down the stairs. hopefully by the time we have to take him down i can get used to him being there.

the Mirimar Air Show was this weekend and i was really looking forward to it. i invited my friend to tag along with me and the twins because johnny had to volunteer (like always). we decided to see the twilight show on Saturday evening. the day was busy and hectic, but it was a nice and breezy with an overcast. luckily we left early, traffic was horrible. when we finally got parked we realized that we still had a 15 mile walk ahead of us. (slight exaggeration...hehe) there were SO many people there, it was almost hard to push the stroller. we set up camp behind johnny's booth, where he was selling sandwiches with his command. a girl from high school is currently stationed out here as well and i was thrilled to meet up with her. it was so nice to be around two normal sweet people that i know. it was like a Clinton, Illinois reunion. hehe. we got to see a little of the blue angles and some other really neat (sometimes loud and annoying) planes. as the night went on the girls started to act up and we decided we would make an early exit and beat the traffic. about half way to the car it started POURING down rain. the babies were getting soaked, alyssa was screaming...allison was laughing, the lawn chairs were falling...you name it and it was happening. when we finally got to the car we were soaking wet and ready to go to bed. here are few pictures from the night.
alyssa on the way to the show
sam & allison
you can't tell, but she was playing peek-a-boo with me (allison)
alyssa walking around
allie & i after the long walk in the rain
as the twins are getting older, there little bedroom just wasn't cutting it. johnny and i decided to move them into the guest room. its a much larger room, just further away from the master. i LOVE the change. their cribs fit very comfortably and there is room for the rocking chair again!! i am very glad we made this switch. the girls love having their toys in their room and i love the fact that they have a larger closet now. one girl is bad enough, but between the two of them, a larger closet was a MUST! they are still eating up a storm and basically inhale whatever i put in front of them. alyssa is walking more and more each day. she somehow finds her way to my lap whenever i sit to play with them. she is adorable. i usually say that she has many faces...and boy does she ever!! her laugh, her smile, her frown, when she is happy, scared, excited...i love this girl!! allison is as sweet as ever. she is such a doll. she is also getting better at walking and standing on her own. her new favorite thing is to play with her ball. its about as big as she is, but she loves it. i always find her standing next to it pounding on it like a drum. these girls have some amazing rhythm and are going to be wonderful dancers. now that they are more stable on their feet they are starting to shake and move their hips!! they are going to be such heart breakers. their hair is also getting lighter and lighter everyday. i was really happy to have two little redheads, but the more i look, the more i think i have two blonds on my hands. either way, they are GORGEOUS!
allison eating breakfast (Sunday)
alyssa modeling for mommy (Sunday)
she LOVED it
alyssa playing in her "NEW" bedroom
our new scarecrow "Ted"
this girl is ALWAYS getting into trouble and can't sit still for more than a second. (alyssa)
alyssa and one of her many faces!

more and more lately i feel so blessed. things just seem to be going right! johnny and i are great and falling more in love with each day that passes. we have two beautiful twin daughters who light up our lives. life is just amazing and i am trying my best to live it to the fullest! time is slipping away and i want to hold on to every memory i possibly can. i can't wait until next year when the girls are older and we are hopefully expecting another beautiful bundle of joy (or two, hehe) and we can look back on these days and smile and think about how happy we were. we are planning on going to the pumpkin patch soon and i am EXCITED! i can't wait to get each of the girls a pumpkin and take lots of pictures. xoxo
God Bless

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