September 27, 2008

-life is great right now! the girls are 15 months old today and they amaze me more and more with every week that passes. we are learning where our noses are right now. they don't really understand where theirs' are, but they can point to mine when asked. its so exciting. alyssa will take my finger and make me point to different features on my face for me to name. its wonderful to see them so eager to learn. allison's kisses just melt my heart. her sister is starting to catch on too so its been 2x the kisses lately. its to the point where i just can't eat around the twins. no matter what it is that i am eating...they want it! haha. of course i give them anything and everything their little hearts could want, but by the end of the day i am starving. hehe. it sure is funny when i tell them "all gone" and have to get up to get more food. they cry, kick, scream and bang their hands on their high chairs. (i secretly laugh my butt off at this) johnny and i are trying to keep the "hissy fits" and tempers to a minimum, but as all parents know, it can be challenging at times. some days it seems almost impossible with the two of them against me. i have to admit that we spend most of our days in the house and i think it may be starting to bite me in the butt. i have started to notice that the twins do not understand the rules and what i expect from them when we are out in public. alyssa is my little screech owl and allison just kicks and screams when she doesn't get her way. it can be so frustrating at times. little by little i am going to work on this...wish me luck! i was strolling the Target isles the other day with the girls (we love to look at baby dolls and dress up) and i came across some tutus. one was pink and one was purple! i have known for a long time that i wanted to get the girls' pictures taken in tutus here soon, but i have another great idea...HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! i was originally thinking of making them be a lady bug and a bumble bee...but this is much much cuter. here is allison, she was more than willing to try it on for me in the store.

i figured they would make adorable costumes, extremely cute pictures and hours and hours of dress-up fun in the future. i am so excited now...even if we have to carry them from house to house, its going to be a great Halloween. the girls are both starting to stand a lot more. they are even taking a few steps when they think i am not looking. lately i have noticed alyssa standing up on her own and walking across the a BOOK. i am telling you, the girl loves to "read". of course she only does this when she thinks i am not looking. the second i give her a little attention she drops to all fours. UGH! i guess only in time she will start walking.

johnny and i let the girls color for the first time today. i have to say, it put a huge smile on my face. alyssa did great and knew how to somewhat hold the crayon and what she was supposed to do with it. allison had a little fun, but she mainly just wanted to eat her crayon. :) i am sure they will get the hang of it in no time...they are only 15 months.

allison leanne

alyssa kay -my life-
i have been getting so frustrated lately with the girls taking off their diapers. i understand that they are so young and i am aware that they can't walk well or talk...but i just KNOW they are ready to start potty training. they are at the point where they bring me a diaper when they wet their own, and i have even caught alyssa trying to put a new one on herself. they hate being wet or pooped and they understand that they need to be changed. i am trying to put it off as long as i can, but i am just itching to get started. we found an Elmo's World movie about potty training and i think we are going to give it a try. the girls love to watch movies and maybe by putting the potty in the playroom and letting them watch the movie it will spark some interest. here is a picture of alyssa trying to take off her wet diaper and put on a dry one. what you can't see is that she eventually opened the diaper and layed it on the floor. she then decided to lay down on it like she was trying to put it on. my stomach hurt the rest of the day from laughing so hard. she is just a hoot!
here are both of my little darlings. allison loves to stand and poor little alyssa is still trying to change her own diaper. they sure do bring a lot of smiles to my face. oh wow! i don't even know what to say to this picture. she is such a character...this is allison btw.
they LOVED them
i can't believe September is coming to an end. :( but i know that with that comes October (my birthday and Halloween) November (thanksgiving and the end of Fall) December (Christmas and lots of memories/traditions). i am a young wife and mother and i can't wait to watch my little family grow. i have so much to be thankful for this year and i can only hope that next year will be just as fantastic. thanks to everyone for reading my blog...i enjoy writing it and letting you in on all of my experiences, joys, troubles, laughter and poopy days.

God Bless

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