October 14, 2008

*WARNING: it's late and i don't plan on proofreading...ENJOY!

-sorry, i have no new pictures for you today...but i did want to share with you a website that i have become crazily addicted to over the last month. i have even gotten johnny to follow it with me every Sunday. its...
you can find the link on the side of the page...millions of people send in a postcard and random ones are chosen and posted on this site. i have to say that i find so much inspiration in some of these people. yes, some of them scare me...haha...but the majority are really eye opening. all i am saying is check it out. its just something fun to read and check up on.
now on to the details of my oh so fabulous life! its currently 12:45 am and i am unable to get any sleep due to the unnecessary kindness of my husband! he has let me sleep in EVERYDAY this weekend (11:30 today) and i have barely been awake for more than 12 hours. i know, my life is so challenging, right?! BOTH girls are teething and it makes my heart ache to hear them cry and know that i can't stop their pain. the whole weekend consisted of Tylenol and ice cubes! allison now has THREE teeth...can you believe it? and she is still working on the rest. i can actually see them getting ready to break through. i am so excited for her. alyssa is still working on that darn front tooth of hers that just seems to be taking its precious little time. she sure was drooling a lot today and was even running a mild temp. :( my poor babies. i am simply amazed at how well the girls can "chew". i understand how that can seem like a funny statement, but getting these girls to eat has sometimes felt like i was trying to shove rain back into a cloud...impossible! slowly, and with patience, they started eating more and more. you also need to realize that allison just got her third tooth today, so she has been "gumming" her food to death in order to swallow it. i absolutely LOVE to sit and watch her chew. she really gets her jaw a movin'. hehe. believe me, she knows how to put her food away! :)
unfortunately, johnny heads back to work tomorrow. i don't think any of us are looking forward to it. luckily its only a four day week and it will all end on Friday with my 21st BIRTHDAY! i doubt we do anything too crazy. my aunt and her family are arriving the following day and i think i'd actually like to keep my birthday simple and calm. i actually think we are going to try to go to the pumpkin patch in Lakeside. i have been looking forward to this for a long time and i am pretty thrilled about it. we wanted to go last year, but the twins were still so little at that time (still around 5lbs.) and it just wasn't an option.
tonight i completely went against everything i have ever stood for! i made a decision i said i would NEVER make...i let the twins go to bed with their tv on. haha. i know its sounds silly, but i am just the type of person that wants to do everything the right way and "my way" IS the right way... "my way" is NOT with the tv on!!! i couldn't help it though. i know how much those little darlings love Cinderella and they were in such pain with their teeth...i caved! i just wanted them to be happy and not fall asleep crying! people with twins do not understand the challenge of rocking ONE child. we only have one rocking chair and that just happens to be in their nursery. if we choose to rock one, the other one stands up and watches us with this look of hurt and sadness. they cry, scream and throw a fit!! it must sound insane to mothers of singletons, but when they look at you like that its like they are wondering what they did wrong and why we are holding their sibling and not them. i sometimes even feel this way during the day if i put one on my lap or dance with one for a long period of time. usually they are pretty good about waiting their turn, but then you HAVE to do EVERYTHING twice. are you starting to get what i am trying to say...? its just challenging to do anything around the two of them.
God Bless

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