October 12, 2008

-today is a FABULOUS October day!! the weather is more than perfect, the twins took TWO long naps and i woke up this morning (10:30 actually) to breakfast in bed...*sigh* what more could i ask for. i love weekends, especially long ones! johnny is such a great help and even lets me sleep in!! we gave the girls a fun afternoon bath today to warm them up...it got so cold so quickly! they loved it. they are quite the water babies lately and i am enjoying every minute of it. i can't wait to put our little pool up again next summer. oh, the fun we will have! one of the perks of having johnny home on the weekends is that i have time to clean and arrange things that i wouldn't normally be able to do. believe it or not...i enjoy cleaning. it helps me get my mind off of everything and it de-stresses me...and we can all use a little less stress in our lives. i was lucky enough to go outside today and paint. it was such a beautiful day and i wanted to take advantage of it while i still can.

i think he is trying to surprise me, but i can hear johnny doing the dishes down stairs. (what a sweetheart) i started them and got everything ready and told him i would only take a second to write this entry...i think he just knew better that to think it would only take a second and wanted to help me out. he loves to surprise me...and i do NOT mind at all. hehe. the twins are in the pack'n'play right now and i am in amazement at how long they have been in there and are still not fussy...they must have some books in there with them.

my aunt, my cousin and his family are coming out to California for a mini-vacation next week and i am so excited!! they will only be here for a week, but its nice to see a familiar face. i am going to try to jam as much sight seeing in as i possibly can and i really hope that they enjoy their stay. i can't wait for them to see the girls. if i am impressed at how big they are getting and how well they are doing, then i can only imagine what family is going to think. (only because they see them three times a year!) johnny and i got the guest room all ready for them yesterday...i am counting down the days!

the twins and i really enjoyed this weekend with johnny. i feel like we have done more this weekend than we normally do in a month. its a great feeling! lately it seems like the only time that the girls are happy is when they are "reading" or eating something...anything!! they are constantly putting something in their mouths and refuse to believe that they have eating an entire can of soup (each). i don't even say the words "all done" anymore because i know that my ears will be bleeding shortly after due to too many high pitched screams. haha. i am so proud of the girls and what they have been eating. i am able to give them actual solids and not worry about them choking. its so wonderful to be able to just give them whatever i make for dinner instead of making them separate meals. aah, finally less work for mommy! my mom went out and got the girls 4 new shirts each today and i can't wait to see them. its getting cold so i made sure to have her get long sleeves!! i so pumped to get the girls some new winter clothes. no more colored pants that button down the legs...we can finally get some real jeans. as the girls are getting more active they are losing weight around their necks, arms and legs and they are looking more and more like little people. its just adorable. i have to say that i am incredibly sad! every time i look at them i have to come to the realization that they are not "babies" anymore. even though they will always be my babies and be very dear to me, i am missing the feel of a newborn. i actually miss the spit-up, the sleepers, and the late night bonding! UGH! :( they are growing up on me and it brings me to tears!

here are a few pictures from tonight...
hehe...i just thought this was cute (alyssa-allison)
too cute!! (allison-alyssa)
aren't their bath robes just the sweetest thing you've ever seen?! (allison)
alyssa, watching her daddy get her sister dressed!
now do you know why i love weekends?? johnny is such a great help!
allie baby!

God Bless

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