October 17, 2008

...to me...
-i am having a great day so far (considering all the drama in my life right now). the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and i get to spend my day with two of the most beautiful girls alive!! my whole family called to wish me a happy birthday today...@ 6am! it was so nice and it really made my day. my nieces and nephew also called me and that just tore me up. i miss them so much and i wish they were here with me to celebrate. i know i am 21 now and that is supposed to mean i go out tonight and get wasted...but i really just want to spend my day at home watching a movie and take a LONG hot bubble bath. i think the best birthday present i could get right now is 10 minutes to myself to shave my legs. haha.
i have the cutest little story to tell everyone. the girls and i were eating a little snack of frosted mini wheats when allison started coughing. she had taken a bite that was a little to big and her mouth was dry. i started lightly patting her back and gave her a kiss on the cheek....two seconds later alyssa WALKED over to her sister and with a messy soggy nasty hand she patted her sister on the back, looked her in the eyes (as if to say "are you okay") and kissed her on the cheek! OMG! it was by far the cutest thing i have EVER seen and i about cried. sometimes i forget how big the girls are and what they are capable of because they are so small. alyssa seemed genuinely concerned for her sister and it was so sweet. i think this will be the highlight of my birthday.
the girls are changing so much lately and i can't seem to keep up with them. i also blame myself for babying them a little too much. because they are twins its just easier to pick them up and do everything for them. if i were to ask them to come to me or do something it would take FOREVER. its just a second nature to treat them like newborns and go on with my day. i have been trying very hard lately to make them do things on their own and naturally i am getting attitude from them. sometimes when i make them walk they decide to lay on the floor and scream. i find this hilarious and simply laugh at them...and eventually they stand up and hold my hand. haha. i love being a mother and going through these daily life lessons/struggles/laughs!
for the first time in over a year, i was completely overwhelmed the other day. both girls have not "cried" at the same time since they were around 6 months old. they are very well behaved little girls and rarely give me any trouble. (i know, i got lucky) however, they were both teething and were extremely fussy for about a week. i was alternating Tylenol and Motrin, giving them ice and frozen french fries to chew on, and i nearly used up all of my orajel!! nothing seemed to work! it can just get so frustrating when they are both crying for the same reasons and there is nothing you can do about it. nothing i was trying was working and i was about to give up!! luckily johnny got home right in time and i was able to sneak away for a few minutes to re-group. i had forgotten what it felt like to be that overwhelmed. it was insane and tiring.
my aunt and her family are leaving TONIGHT and driving non-stop to California. i am so excited and i can't wait to see them. please pray that they have a safe and wonderful drive out here!
here are a couple of pictures from the last few days...
allison getting warm one morning.
alyssa playing
allison-alyssa...SO gorgeous! i can't even describe my love for them.
allison leanne
watching cartoons
vroom vroom...@ the commissary
watch out! they'll be on the road in 15 years!
haha...they get a real kick out of opening their drawers, pulling every article of clothing out, and sitting in the drawers!! haha...they are so funny! (alyssa-allison)
isn't allison growing into such a beautiful little thing! muah

as you can see by the pictures, the girls are really growing up! i am so sad, yet happy and blessed at the same time. i can only imagine the future they have in front of them. i already know they are going to be the best of friends and i can't wait to watch them grow into young women. i can't wait to watch them support each other and be there for each other through EVERYTHING. unfortunately i didn't get to grow up with a sister and experience life like my daughters will. i did, however, have a best friend...and by the grace of God i was lucky enough to become her sister @ 13. i can only hope that they have half the fun that cassy and i did growing up.
(15 1/2 months)
alyssa: 31 inches long & 17lbs 10oz
allison: 30 inches long & 17lbs 13oz
God Bless

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Margaret said...

OMG you made me cry! That is NOT allowed! LOL! Great to read!! Thanks for sharing! Such a joy to see what I have to look forward to and you have such BEAUTIFUL girls, just like their momma :) Have a great 21st Birthday!! Mine (this past April) I went out with the husband for dinner .... and after midnight got the flu .... so it saved my life not drinking! Drinking is overrated anyways! Have a blast and WHENEVER you decide to have a drink, have one for me too please! I have yet to have anything and it's been over 6 months .... Take care and have a good one!!

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