October 26, 2008

-oh my! i don't even know where to start. SO much has happened since i last posted on here. for starters, my aunt has been here and is gone! she had a great visit and boy did she keep me busy. here is a look @ what my week was like with her here...

Sunday- SHOPPING @ babies'r'us and target (hot dogs for dinner)
Monday- early dr. appointment, show them around the Naval Base, more SHOPPING on the border (pizza for dinner)
Tuesday- trip to Balboa Park, museums, drive around downtown, IKEA
Wednesday- took my friend to the airport and tried to relax, went to wal-mart (homemade chicken and noodles for dinner)
Thursday- HOLLYWOOD all day long!
Friday- they left :(

the week flew by and i was very tired from all of the running around. the day after they left i took a four hour nap and still went to bed early. i had a fabulous time with them and i wish they could have stayed a little longer. Hollywood was amazing and i can't wait to go back with johnny. we got to see EVERYTHING! we even went to a few museums on Hollywood blvd. and took a two hour tour around Hollywood, Hollywood hills, Beverly hills and RODEO DRIVE! i have tons and tons of pictures, but sorry! i am too tired and lazy to upload them all. feel free to check them out on my myspace page.

i finally went out and bought the twins a potty training chair. (the baby Bjorn for $25) its nice and so far i don't have any major complaints. i do think its a little big for my girls...they are so tiny!! i am doing my best to put the girls on it every morning and every few hours until bed. no luck at this point, but they are still adjusting to it being in the room. keep your fingers crossed and say some prayers for me...

alyssa is walking like a mad woman. i think i saw her walk 3 times today...other than that she is UP and ON THE MOVE! i am so proud of her. she can walk from our stove to our front door!! on the occasion when she falls, she simply stands back up. she is such a doll and i am so excited for her. they will be 16 months tomorrow and i am thrilled that i FINALLY don't have to carry her anywhere. i think any/all mothers know what i am feeling right now. allison still isn't showing much interest in walking and that is fine. she seems to take her time with everything and i am not surprised to see her doing it with walking either!

the girls are starting to really enjoy brushing their teeth every morning. i brush them first and then let them try. they giggle and love to look in the mirror. i think they are starting realize that they look alike. its really sweet to watch. allison has finally caught up with her sister and they both have 6 teeth. (another time when allison decided to take her time) now that the girls are getting bigger and alyssa is walking, they have free access to the whole downstairs....and they LOVE it. of course the bathroom and utility room are off limits, but everything else is fair game. they are pretty good at not destroying everything in sight and they really get a kick out of not being restrained.

my dr. appointment went well, i have another u/s in November. they think that one of my cysts may be a complicated one. we will find out shortly. i am really hoping everything is fine and normal. they haven't been bothering me as much lately. mainly when i do a lot of physical activity, but a Tylenol seems to do the trick.

johnny and i decided to let the girls play dress up tonight with their Halloween costumes. of course we didn't get them ALL dressed up, just the tutus. here are a few pics.

alyssa kay
hehe (alyssa)
johnny & allison leanne
LOVE HER (alyssa)

these pictures almost make me want to cry. where has time gone? where are my little babies? as thrilled as i am to see them growing and changing, it tears me up. they are already 16 months (tomorrow) and i can't take it!
johnny and i cleaned up the garage tonight. we are having a really hard time with spider. for some reason out garage is FILLED with them. i absolutely hate spiders and can't stand to go out there anymore. we threw everything out in our driveway and sprayed it down with the water hose! our garage looks great now and the spiders are GONE!
God Bless

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