October 10, 2008

here are the pictures that i promised!!

we went to hometown buffet tonight and let the girls chow down on EVERYTHING! i hope you can get as much enjoyment out of these pictures as we did. the girls are absolutely beautiful and changing everyday. its so hard to keep up with them. :,(


allison stuffing her face :)

alyssa...so beautiful

johnny and his baby girl (alyssa)

they were so precious to watch...i just wanted to hit "replay"
is this not the sweetest thing you have ever seen?? it melts my heart!
pretty girl sitting quietly for mommy (allison)
alyssa wearing a princess crown...she fits it so well!
look @ those baby blues
alyssa with her mohawk
daddy was spoiling alyssa a little bit... :)
i thought this was just adorable! allison decided to try on her daddy's work hat. can you get any cuter than this??
alyssa reading quietly in the car...
allison also reading in the car
playing in the driveway before bed!! allison-alyssa
allison is always on the move...TOWARDS THE STREET!
God Bless

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