October 9, 2008

-it is such a beautiful day out today. the sun is shining, the wind is blowing and i couldn't be happier. with a little luck, johnny should be home early today and we will be able to get a jump start on his 4 DAY WEEKEND! wow, i still can't believe he is going to be able to spend so much time with me and the girls. i am thrilled and i know the girls are too. one of my favorite parts of the day is when johnny comes home from work. i am usually in the rocking chair doing a word search and the girls are playing and watching a movie. the second they hear his voice they scurry over to the baby gate. i love to see their eyes sparkle as ear to ear smiles come across their faces the second they see him. it is such a magical moment and i feel blessed to be able to witness it everyday. its nap time right now and its almost weird to be in such a quiet house. i have gotten so used to the screams, laughs and giggles that come from alyssa and allison. more and more each day i find them interacting with one another. just yesterday i caught allison trying to get a piggy back ride from alyssa. it was a riot. they were both laughing and carrying on. every time allison would go to put her leg over her sister, alyssa would crawl away. i got such amusement from this. it was today that i noticed them feeding each other dry "cheeri no-nos" (cheerios) as they were watching Cinderella. they weren't even taking their eyes off of the television. they would both just reach behind them and grab some cheerios and without even looking they would feel for each others mouths and "plop" some in there. it was amazing to watch. i can't believe how big they are getting and how much they are growing. alyssa is now walking regularly. yes, she falls every now and then, but she is great at standing back up and trying again. very rarely does she crawl anywhere anymore. i love love love it. my little allison has finally cut her second tooth and, like her sister, it was already half way through by the time i noticed a thing. i can see FOUR more teeth getting ready to break through. i am thrilled!! its taken her long enough (15 months) but the little gal is getting them ALL at ONCE! this should be interesting. both girls (especially alyssa) love to brush their teeth. i think they get a real kick out of doing something with/like mommy. they both sit on the bathroom counter and the three of us go to town on our teeth. its really sweet. i love watching them smile and glow in all of their pride.

i may not be wonder woman, but i sometimes feel like a super hero! i may have had to drag my butt out of bed this morning, but i have been covered in mushy soup and peanut butter, watched Cinderella 4 times, changed 3 poopy diapers, talked to my mom for 45 minutes, watched the view, taught a human anatomy class and put the girls to bed all by 12 o'clock noon. i am sorry, but that is a REAL super hero. guess what? i plan on doing it all over again when the girls wake up in about an hour. i also plan on being their chauffeur and going to target, being their maid and doing their laundry and cleaning their room, being their cook and making dinner!! my work here is never done...but i LOVE it. i wouldn't change a thing about it.

the girls can see their Halloween costumes hanging in their closet and they are just itching to play with them. on the rare occasion that i am feeling risky, i let them try them on and play "dress-up". they love the tutus that we have picked out for them. allison really enjoyed sitting on the floor and fluffing hers, whereas alyssa likes to walk and pull hers out to the side almost as if she were showing it off.

i would proudly like to say that i have lost 5 pounds! yay! but when i look in the mirror i feel like i have gained 10! :( i know its going to be a lot of hard work, but it can just get so depressing sometimes. just once, i would like to look in the mirror and see "me". i guess this is just an ongoing battle that i have with myself and i WILL overcome it. i don't care how much struggle i go through...i can do this. i get so motivated on days like today. i feel energized and i can't wait for johnny to get home so i can walk.

i am taking the twins to meet with a nephrologist next week to talk about their chances of having PKD. i know the chances are rare, but i think its best that we sit with the doctor and ask as many questions as possible. i am still not sure how i feel about getting tested myself. i want to know one way or the other, but its just a big decision. i don't think anyone quite knows what you are going through unless you have been there. luckily i have my mother to turn to. she is such a strong woman and i would be lucky to only have to go through half of what she was faced. when i ask her how she does it, she simply says "what other choice do i have?" i think she is a lot stronger than she gives herself credit for. when i sit back and think about the struggles she faces on a daily bases, i am truly humble. she battles things that i have never even dreamed of and she never says one word about it. my mom is MY super hero!

*sorry about not putting pictures up. i promise to have a lot the next time.

God Bless

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