September 24, 2008

UGH! i think my daughters enjoy watching me clean up their poop! i don't know what came over me when i thought that i could take a quick shower while the twins were sleeping this afternoon. i have known for awhile that alyssa can undress herself and take her diaper off. that is why she is usually in a onesie (unless i am around to supervise). allison on the other hand...i wasn't so sure about so i usually make sure she has shorts or pants on for her naps. anyway, alyssa's bedding needed washed so i have been letting the girls sleep together in allison's crib (just last night and today) BAD IDEA! also, allison is on miraLAX to help her have a "BM" all of this starting to add up to you? i got out of my shower to silence and thought "hey, i can get on the computer and get a quick drink before the girls wake up" WRONG! i walked out of my room and noticed a horrible smell and figured there was a diaper somewhere that i had forgotten to throw away...after a few seconds of looking i decided to check the nursery. GUESS WHAT I FOUND! allison was naked with a large piece of poop on her forehead. alyssa was still in her onesie, but with poop in her hair, on her face, between her fingers and toes...EVERYWHERE. there were hand prints of poop on the back of the crib. (i would have taken pics but i was too scared they would eat it while i went to get my camera) there was even poop on the floor and smashed between the mattress and the crib...its was disgusting, to say the least. i was livid at this point and rushed the girls to bathtub for ANOTHER quick afternoon bath. wasn't i so lucky to then get peed on as both girls touched me with their poopy fingers....REMEMBER: i just got out of the shower. i am still in shock over what just happened. i know i will look back and laugh at this, but for the time being i am just content being mad! haha. i know its my own fault, but i hate making them where onesies all the time. i guess i will never learn. :) its only two o'clock and i am more than ready for johnny to walk through the door and relieve me of this horrible day.

on a lighter note, the girls are eating table food a little more regularly. they share a big bowl of cheerios in the morning (alyssa just can't get enough of those) and they have been sharing a can of soup w/ crackers for lunch. they are also getting dinner with us and some snack throughout the day. i am so impressed. i feel like we are finally turning a corner with the girls and their eating habits. at dinner when i give them a chance to feed themselves and all of a sudden their tray is empty...i look on the floor. to my surprise, there is nothing there. they are actually starting to eat more than they waste. it feels great to know that they are filling their little bellies. here are a few pictures from yesterday and today! enjoy!

i just love this chick and all of her faces!
playing in their little "club house"
she is ALWAYS tired. hehe
they are in LOVE with fuzz bucket
there she goes...
one of them always has a book in their hands! i love it!

God Bless

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