September 22, 2008

Autumn Has Arrived

-this is my new little scare crow that i got for my plant. i thought it was absolutely adorable...johnny picked it out! :) we just put the girls down for bed and are getting ready to enjoy the evening. we spent the majority of the day cleaning and getting ready for winter. the summer winds sure put a lot of dust and dirt on the house and it was nice to get it all cleaned up. we also washed the truck, and that was so much fun. i went through the girls' clothes and of course we have loads to give away. i love knowing that someone is going to get use out of our old things. it means a lot to me that we teach the girls the importance of volunteering and giving to charity. we may not have much, but there is always someone who is worse off than we are. its officially Fall and i am beyond excited. i have been waiting for this all year long. the weather, the holidays, the memories...its wonderful. there isn't much else to report. everyone is happy and healthy. i couldn't really ask for more.
God Bless

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