September 21, 2008

-this weekend has just been a whirlwind! it feels like just as i am beginning to enjoy myself...its over. :( i did have a great weekend though. alyssa cut her fifth tooth (FINALLY) and before i even knew she had cut it, it was already half way in. she was running a mild temp the day before and i should have put 2 and 2 together. oh well, she is such a trooper! my friend is out of town and she asked me to feed her cat while she is away. i've taken the twins with me the last few days and oh my, they love that cat. allison screams when he gets near her, but she warms up each time. alyssa on the other hand would just laugh and giggle and chase after him. he was purring and rubbing his head on her. it was adorable. i really wish we were aloud to have pets in our military housing neighborhood. the twins would just LOVE a little cat or dog. time is flying by. the girls are getting so big!! we are working with them to walk every night and i really think they are making some improvement. i have also been working with them to learn their body parts and hopefully we are making some progress in that department too! allison is the BEST kiss giver! haha. when she doesn't feel like kissing me back she will just tilt her head so i can kiss her forehead...HOW SWEET! johnny and i always get a little chuckle out of that. johnny brought home a cheeseburger the other day and allison was very interested in it. since alyssa was asleep i let her dig in. here are a few pics of what happened.

she picked at it for a little while...then started shoving it in her mouth.
this is her eating my chicken snack wrap. hehe
...her gagging on my snack wrap! :)
it was just hilarious. she really did enjoy it though. on to another topic...i went through the girls' toys and boxed a lot of them up. i didn't realize how many newborn toys we still had out. the playroom looks 100 times better and i hope it stays that way. we brought my hope chest up from our dinning room to put the tv on. it has been on a regular wooden crate for the longest time and its nice to see it gone. i love the way the hope chest fits in the room. i am proud to say that we haven't watched Cinderella in almost 4 days!! its partly due to the fact that we haven't had the time to watch much TV and the fact that i just took it out and refuse to put it back in! haha
here is the hope chest in the playroom

alyssa kay (Saturday morning)allison leanne (Saturday morning)
the girls have been eating wonderfully lately. they are eating more and more table food everyday. the last couple of days we have had soggy cheerios for breakfast and lots of chips, crackers and wheat thins for snacks. alyssa digs into ALL food where as allison likes to check it over, enjoy it and take her time. here is a pic of the aftermath!

this is what i deal with on a daily bases!HOLY COW! aren't they getting so big!
allison (Sunday afternoon)
alyssa (Sunday afternoon) they make it so difficult to get a good picture!
lately the girls have really taken a liking to sitting in front of the TV in their little booster seats/high chairs. they are in the room because i got sick of carrying both girls down stairs for every meal. i realized the other day that whenever the TV is on they go straight to the chairs and sit there until the movie is over. i feel like a horrible mother for not having chairs for them to sit in. :( we went to wal-mart today and let the girls try out a couch that we were planning on getting them for Christmas...looks like they'll be getting a new couch next pay day. the couches are $30 and i am hoping to get them each one.

aren't they just BEST FRIENDS!

look at those eyes! (allison)

God Bless

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