September 19, 2008

-where to begin? the twins had their 15-month well child check-up today. we had our first appointment with their new Dr. who i LOVED! its about time the military gave us a Dr. who actually knew what they were doing. she was fabulous and was great with the girls. allison was put on powder laxative, MiraLAX. it should do the trick for her...i hope! the girls are right on schedule fundamentally and the Dr. had no concerns...YAY!
Alyssa: 16lbs. 30 inches long
Allison: 17lbs. 30 inches long
the decorations are really coming together throughout the house. i am so excited for Fall. here are few pics from the kitchen!!

anytime we take the twins anywhere i feel like its a huge production. it is getting better when it comes to what he take with us, but its still a challenge to get them in/out of the SUV and situated. we went to the grocery store the other day to pick up our WIC and some odds and ends and here are a few pictures to help explain what i am trying to say...
alyssa has to be in front because she is too hyper and would
tear everything open and jump out of the cart!!
alyssa kay @ the store
?where's allison?

by the time we are done shopping, allison is usually COVERED with food! can you tell how upset she is! haha. "aww...come ON mommy!" :)

i do have to say how much i am grateful for WIC. i kept our receipts this months and they totalled around $120 for only milk, eggs, cheese, peanut butter and juice. i personally don't know what we would do without it. it just feels like every time i turn around the prices of EVERY THING are going up. between gas, food and bills we aren't left with much to save or spend on the girls. it can just be so overwhelming! i know that we will find a way to make it work. johnny FINALLY starts getting paid for E-5 soon and it couldn't have come at a better time. it is truly needed and will be truly appreciated!

i am so glad that the weekend is here again. i got jipped last weekend and didn't even get to enjoy it. this whole week has been chaos and believe me...I AM READY TO RELAX! the weather is absolutely perfect and breezy and i can't wait to get out and walk. johnny and i have talked and he is going to watch the girls a little every night so i can get out of the house and walk. i really just need a time to clear my head, and its also about time for me to try to lose this baby weight. the girls are 15 months old and i am sick of the way i look with this 30lbs of baby weight i have resting on my waist. i always knew it wouldn't be my top priority because i wanted enjoy the babies and remember every moment and memory with them. well, they are getting older and its about time i get active and do something about my appearance. i am actually pretty excited about it. we have this great little lake behind out house with a walking trail. i think i am going to head over there every night and do some laps.

i am really missing my family this week. my nieces are in school and open house is this Thursday. :( i am so proud of Breanna and it would have meant a lot to be there. something is always going on at my parents house and i miss it. i miss my big, drama-filled, crazy, FABULOUS family. i miss my sisters and wish i could be there with them. everyone is changing so much and i am so proud of them. marina is 16, has a job, is in flag corp and CAN DRIVE. what is the world coming to! she is still supposed to be 7 years old and wearing pig tails in her hair! cassy is off doing her own thing and having a blast. susan is....well, SUSAN! hehe. jason has his own little family to take care of and love. i just wish i could be there! :(

here are a few more pictures of the girls. they are so fun and outgoing. every single picture i take of them captures something wonderful about them. their eyes are so big and beautiful. enjoy!


it's always fun with daddy -YAY-

allison leanne


my baby, allison

God Bless


Anonymous said...

you are so sweet and your babies are beautiful! we miss you guys so much and wish you were here. thanks for the pic the are wonderful.

Brittany said...

Hi Sarah I'm new to your blog and am catching up. Your girls are adorable! I love the "Harvest" blocks. Where did you get them?

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