September 12, 2008

-IT'S FRIDAY! i am so excited that the weekend is finally here. johnny got to come home early today so of course we went to target to look at Halloween stuff. i found some adorable costumes for the twins...but they weren't small enough. i am going to have to keep looking. we are going back tomorrow to buy some new DECORATIONS. if you know me then you should know that i am beyond thrilled about that. i was hoping that the twins would be able to walk pretty good by the time Halloween rolled around...i was wrong. unless something changes over night then i guess we are just going to have to carry them. the weather today was FABULOUS! i love autumn days when the air is cold and crisp. i can't wait to start making hot chocolate every night. :)

i am proud to tell everyone that the girls are still doing great off of the bottle. i am impressed at how well they are doing with everything. they are eating better than i ever could have imagined. they go down for their naps with NO sippy!! i am a softy and let them take their sippys to bed with them at night...but that's it! hehe.
here are a few pictures from today!!

my girls this morning after breakfast!
alyssa @ target...WALKING!

johnny and i @ target


allie and the twins :)

alyssa stuck in the pack'n'play

allison crawling ALL OVER our friends' house

hehe...she is so silly!

johnny, scott and allie tonight at dinner!

such a cutie!

God Bless

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