September 14, 2008

-is it the 14th of September already? how is it that time goes by so fast? i feel like we were just celebrating the twins turning one! it sure has been a long week. we had dinner at a friends house on Friday...i woke up to severe lower abdominal pain Saturday morning...spent almost 7 hours in the ER...and here we are. its SUNDAY already! i found out that i have two very large cysts on my left ovary. with a little hope and a lot of prayer, i should be alright. i just hope that this is a one time deal and not something that i have to deal with my whole life. only time will tell.

i was completely blown away today by alyssa and allison. they ate 4 jars of baby food for lunch! if you know what kinds of trouble i have had to get these girls to eat then you know what kind of crazy success i am having. they are going to eat us out of house and home. i am thrilled though. the only down fall is that i just can't feed them fast enough. everytime i refill the spoon they are ready for more...but i have to split my time between the two if them. what i wouldn't give for two extra hands in times like these. johnny's two hands are NO help. haha. he would have food ALL OVER the place and do a horrible job cleaning it up. :) overall its just easier to manage on my own.

alyssa took her diaper off again today. this time it was during her nap. allison woke up first and my heart just broke into a million pieces when i opened the door to get her and i found her sister asleep in a crib, covered in urine. SHE WAS SOAKED!! of course alyssa didn't mind and she just curled up into a ball and fell asleep. she is so adorable. another afternoon bath! i should just make them part of our usual routine considering the number of times i give them a week.

i am currently watching cinderella for the 4th time today and its only 3 o'clock. luckily it was one of my favorite movies growing up so i don't mind. i would do anything for my beautiful daughters! believe it or not i haven't painted their finger nails yet. i guess i always just assumed that since i am such a "girlie girl" i would have done this already...NOPE! i think i am going to make it my goal this week. i think they are going to look adorable!! i just hope i can hold them still long enough! hehe :)

*sorry, no pics today...i promise to post lots tomorrow*
God Bless

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