September 15, 2008

-it's been exactly a month since my grandpa passed away but my heart feels like it was just yesterday. not a day has gone by that i haven't thought about him and everything that he meant to me. i really am just taking this one day at a time and somehow the days just keep rolling by.

on a brighter note...i posted some new pictures! some of them are from a few days ago and some are from last night when we went to the NEX. we needed a few things around the house and we hadn't been there in a few weeks. we got the girls some new sippy cups. well, the same kind...just new ones! :) i FINALLY got johnny a coffee maker! i absolutely hate coffee, but there is no better smell in the world to wake up to! i love love love coffee scented candles!! hehe.

i put the twins in their shirts that their grandma and grandpa stone got for them at "9-Day"!! they are a little big, but still look ADORABLE! (for those of you who don't know, allison is in the red and alyssa is in the grey) these girls are truly the light(s) of my life. hehe. alyssa is the cutest little thing i have ever seen. she gets the darndest looks on her face and i just want to crack up laughing. she kept turning the TV in their playroom off and johnny tapped her on the leg...WRONG THING TO DO. she sobbed and was so sad. :) johnny eventually picked her up to hold her and she got that grin on her face like she had just played him for a fool. she is a riot. allison is the most sweet and caring baby i have ever met. she is so genuine and delicate. everything she does is slow and thought out. (she even eats slow) she has taken a liking to books lately and is constantly bringing one to me to read. she especially loves the ones you can feel as you read...THANKS great grandma! i wish i were more like her when it comes to patience. she doesn't mind waiting her turn when her bully of a sister plows her over to dance with me. haha. i love them both SO much!!

it is going to be such a busy week. tonight we have WIC and then the commissary for groceries! Wednesday i have my appointment for my cysts. Friday the twins have their 15 month check-up. AAHHH! and to top it all off, johnny is in school all this week and i am going to have to take him to work on days that i need the car! could it get any crazier?? my birthday is in about a month and i am getting so excited. i have always felt older than what i really am and my age is finally starting to catch up with my brain! haha.

"To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."
johnny @ party city
poor allison was truly scared! :(
hehe. she wasn't quite sure who to trust after
her dad scared her so much.

johnny and alyssa @ the NEX

-look at that face-

allison sporting the "9-Day" was bright outside!

God Bless

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