September 10, 2008

isn't this just beautiful?

-i was thrilled when i woke up to a quiet house at 10am. we have been trying to get the girls onto one nap and even though we put them to bed at 6pm they still feel the need to sleep until 10am on most days. i don't really understand it, but i am NOT complaining one bit! when i realized how late it was i jumped out of bed and ran to the girls' room to wake them up. to my surprise, alyssa was already awake. it looked like she was playing with her diaper, which she does ALL the time. i walked over to pick her up...there was no diaper on her! she had not only taken the diaper off, but she POOPED afterwards and was playing in it. OMG! as crazy as it sounds, i have never had this happen to me before. i was lucky that she was constipated...or else we really would have had a problem. hehe. i couldn't help but laugh when i looked at her. i was almost scared to touch her. :) after awhile i got her bathed and dressed and just about the time i sat down, allison woke up. GUESS WHAT?...she pooped too. luckily i walked in just as she was in the process of taking her diapers off. i tell you what, these girls are CRAZY!
johnny is running in a 5K today. we was pretty excited because its been awhile since his last run. i admire him so much when he does these runs. i want so bad to be able to run them with him. i have seen him run many 5Ks, a few 10Ks and one 15K and he is amazing. i'm not sure if i like that fact that he doesn't train and practice for these things, but either way, he does GREAT! i've take the girls to a few of these events and they love it. there is music, food and lots of people to admire them. unfortunately this run was during working hours and we weren't able to go see him do his thing. :( maybe next time.
now, i know i have been sleeping in, but i am just so tired. it feels like there just isn't enough time in the day. there is always something going on and something i didn't get done. i just want to go to bed ONCE and feel like i have nothing to do or catch up on!! the twins keep me moving all day long and once johnny gets home he wants to go to the store or something that is going to take a lot of work on my part. i love him to death, but sometimes i wish he would get everything ready (including the girls already in the car) THEN ask me to go somewhere. i think he just doesn't understand the amount of work that i put in EVERYDAY. i love staying home with the girls, but i think i am long overdue for a day out!! i don't even care if i just go to wal-mart by myself! hehe. i just want a break.
i really want to get a jump start on my Christmas shopping!! i guess in the back of my mind i am just scared that we won't be able to get the twins everything i want. its important to me that they don't have to share everything. i know that it is going to be expensive, but i just want the best for them. of course there are certain things that they are going to HAVE to share...but not if i can help it. i would rather not get anything for Christmas if i knew that they would get anything and everything they could imagine. luckily they are still pretty little this year. next year is going to the challenge. all of this also makes me think a few years down the road and what if they are jealous of what each other gets?? i guess we will cross that bridge when we get there.
lately i have been trying my hardest to not think about the future, but instead think about today. i want to soak up every memory i can and i want to treasure these months with my daughters!
God Bless

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