September 9, 2008


-yes, you read that correctly! both of my beautiful 14 1/2 month old daughters are OFF the bottle! i am so thrilled about this. my goal was to have them weaned by 12 months corrected age...we are a few days early! it was SO much easier than what i thought it would be. i just knew we would have cry fests and screams! it was actually quite the opposite. alyssa was the first to wean and she passed with flying colors. she is eating so much better than she was two weeks ago and she absolutely loves her sippy cup. even when she would see her sister using a bottle...she just didn't care. :) allison took a little longer, but only because she didn't know how to use her sippy cup. i guess she flipped her switch because out of the blue today she drank up her entire sippy!! YAY! she is also eating like a champ. they both went through this horrible stage where they wouldn't let me feed them. oh my! now they basically knock me over when they see i have their food and they just sit there with there little mouths open wide. alyssa actually has a little fun with me...since she has teeth on both top and bottom she likes to be ornery and bite down on the spoon causing most of the food to drip down her face. she really gets a kick out of that!! she is a hoot.

our next big step will be potty training and boy am i going to have my work cut out for me! both girls are already taking their diapers off as soon as they are wet! i have never potty trained someone before...let alone TWINS! this should be interesting...but believe me, i will give you every funny, gross, frustrating and joyous detail of our struggles!! i'm looking forward to it. (thank goodness i have a few months to rest)

God Bless

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Anonymous said...

sarah I love you so much and this is the best webpage on the internet. I love all the pics and everything you have to say about them. love ya 3!!!!!

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