September 6, 2008

-here are a few pictures from this evening as we sat outside and played a little before bed! be sure to look at the picture of alyssa with the little clip in her hair. its taken 14 long months, but their hair is finally long enough to need to be clipped back. needless to say, i am SO excited!

alyssa loving on her daddy them so much
isn't this just precious
alyssa took 8 steps tonight!! YAY

when you tell someone that you live in military housing they automatically assume that you are friends will all of your neighbors and fellow military men and women. the fact of the matter is that most of us choose to just stay to ourselves unless we happen across one another at some time. i was beyond thrilled when our neighbors of almost 2 years came out to visit with us tonight. we have seen them in passing and said our "hello" but nothing ever came of it. they were fascinated by our twin girls and didn't want to let them go. we also got to meet two of their little boys. an uncle and nephew...born 9 days apart...ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!

i made a decision a few days ago to be more active in my community and make new friends. i prayed about this for many days and really put my whole heart into it. can you believe that in the last three days i have made more friends than i have in the last year. God does great things and i have noticed it more and more lately. He has been there for me every time i have needed Him. He has watched over me and my family when we needed it the most. He has listened to me in my time of need. i am so appreciative of everything that i have in my life...especially my new friends.
(the twins even made some new friends as well)

getting to know our neighbors
alyssa wasn't quite sure what to
think of the BOYS! haha

alyssa's first kiss!
time for her second kiss!!

kiss kiss :)

God Bless

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