August 12, 2008


-please help the mothers of multiples. states and schools have the power to seperate twins in the classroom. as a mother of twins i think this is disgusting. no, i do not think that ALL twins need to stay together, but i DO think that the parents should have a say. every set of multiples is different just as every child is different. parents all over the US are having a hard time keeping their children together. starting school can be a very scary time for any child; having your twin (your bestfriend) there with you could help a lot of children. please help us make a stand and sign the petition.
California Petition:

if you are from a different state feel free to look up your own petition @:
type in: twin legislation bill
*you do not have to be a mother of twins or even a member of that state to sign their petition. you could sign every one if you wanted.
please help us out and help us gain the right to have a say in our childrens lives.
God Bless

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