August 15, 2008

-as you know, johnny is out to sea and its just the twins and i here at home trying to keep ourselves busy. i went to bed kind of late last night (around 1am) and was looking forward to sleeping in just a bit. well, i recieved a phone call from my parents around 3am. they informed me that my grandpa had died of a massive heart attack in the early morning. i was in shock, upset, angry, sad and every other depressed feeling you could imagine. i started thinking about all the times that i shared with my grandpa and i realized that we shouldn't let this situation get the best of us. my grandpa was a very strong and high spirited man; he would have wanted us to
he had suffered several other heart attacks in the last few years and recently started kidney dialysis with my mom. yes, he had his ups and downs but his death was a shock to all of us. my grandpa was the most outgoing, supportive and stubborn person i have ever known. :) in many ways i think i take after him! he was the only grandpa i ever knew and i really looked up to him. i can still remember times in his "wood shop" when he would turn on the radio and let me make whatever i could think of...shelves, book stands, you name it! i think my grandpa was the first person to make my husband really feel like a part of the family (the first time he met him). haha! they had a lot in common. they were both in the military and married the loves of their lives at a young age. johnny really loved and looked up to him. everyone did! he had a rare personality and would become friends with almost everyone he came across. he will be greatly missed my many but NEVERforgotten.

i ask everyone today to pray for our family and to celebrate the life of
friend to ALL
God Bless

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