April 18, 2016

Home Tour: Dining Room

 It's been over a year since we moved into our current home and I have yet to post a Home Tour.

This is our dining room.

We live in a much smaller home now and our dining room gets a lot of use.

Not only do we eat all of our meals here, but this is where the kids do their homework, it's our "home office" and where we spend a large portion of our day.

It's directly off of our living room.

The doorway to the right leads into our (very small) kitchen.

The quilt safe along the back wall was actually handmade by my grandpa years ago and now holds Johnathon's coin holder.

I also made the plant stand by purchasing a base and three table legs at Home Depot.

I plan on staining the legs and painting the base a nice yellow.


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