August 11, 2013

Vacation Bible School

The week of Vacation Bible School was by far one of the busiest weeks of my life.
It was Alyssa and Allison's last week of school so there were half days and volunteering to be done.
My niece, Emma, also flew in for a three week visit.
We had only been attending our new church for a few weeks when I decided to volunteer at VBS. It was such a fun week and if our church does anything right, it's their children's ministry. Everyday was jam packed with fun and exciting adventures.
I was a little bummed that Alyssa and Allison weren't able to attend, but there is always next year.
If our week wasn't crazy enough, our Angels case manager decided to make her surprise home inspection one day that week. Talk about the wrong day at the wrong time.
At least she was able to see us in our most chaotic of situations. :)
Baby D is still with us and we are still very much in love with him. 

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