August 18, 2013

1st Grade Orientation {2013}

 Alyssa and Allison had their 1st grade orientation last Thursday.

There was a lot of excited about meeting their teachers and getting to see the school finished for the first time.

I look at these pictures and cannot believe that these grown-up precious ladies are mine.
I know everyone will say that they grow up too fast, but you never really understand it until it is happening to you first hand.
I mean, look at them!!

Both girls were very lucky with their selection of teachers this year and I know that they will have a fantastic year..

Alyssa has Mrs. L 

Allison has Mrs. T
It was such a fun night for the girls and they are so excited for the first day of school tomorrow.
Tonight we are having a celebratory dinner of all their favorite foods and heading to bed early.
Happy Sunday!

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