March 19, 2013


-I love the look on the cashier's face when they find out that the 10+ bananas are really only 2 days worth. What can I say? I have 5 kids in my house daily.

-I'm pretty sure that Madelynn has pink eye. The neighbor girl, T, had it last week and we go to see the doctor today.

-Alyssa and Allison get an award at school this Friday. We won't find out until then what the award is for, but I do know that we will be having a celebratory dinner at Olive Garden that night. It's the girls' favorite.

-Alyssa is currently planning her first party. She begs me to decorate the house daily and is always holding a list of what we need to by for the 'party'. I finally caved and let her plan a little something. It's this weekend and she is pretty excited.

-Allison informed us that Alyssa's boyfriend is now HER boyfriend, which upset Alyssa. Oye! I have to explain to these girls daily that neither one of them is allowed to have a boyfriend for awhile and that what they mean to say is that they have 'crushes' on these boys and enjoy playing with them on the playground. This conversation usually ends in a full blown meltdown from Alyssa.

-Allison came home from school last week and told her dad that a boy kissed her. After he told her that she would need to tell me, he story changed to she kissed him on the cheek. By the time she got home she was almost in tears. Long story short, she lied. We had a loooooong talk that night.

-I'm hoping to have pictures of the nursery soon. It's really coming along and I am excited to get a phone call about a child filling it.

-The mouse to my desktop is acting funny so I am writing from my laptop and have no pictures. :(

-The fact that my alarm goes off at 6:15am and I am some how able to get myself and all three kids up and ready by 6:40am (including socks, shoes, hair, jackets and making their beds) just confirms that I am indeed a mommy machine! :)

-This morning as I was walking down the hallway to wake the girls when I had my first little panic of realization that soon there will be a baby/toddler to wake as well. I know I can handle it, but the realness of it all finally hit me.

-I'm not proud of it, but I love living in San Diego and having so many options for carry-out dinner. Some of our favorites are IHOP, Hooters, and the Studio Diner. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking dinner and do it quite often, but there are just those night where I don't feel like moving from the couch. Tonight feels like an IHOP night. :) We'll see.

-I came across a pin on Pinterest about having a child start to make their bed every morning starting at the age of 5. Well, I am a little late, but we have started that in our home. Alyssa and Allison are required to make their own beds every morning. I took a picture on their first morning and I will take another picture in 6 months. wish me luck!

-Our calendar is BOOKED for the next two weeks. It's full of doctors appointments, ice cream socials, parent/teacher conferences, home inspections, an awards ceremony and the start of Spring break.

-The girls' Spring break is four weeks long so I went and purchased two 1st grade workbooks (each) for the them to work on. I've also found an advanced list of sight words and put them on flashcards so we can start on them as well. They are going love me...NOT! Bwahaha.

-I've been going back and forth on whether or not I want to continue my blog. The whole reason that I started writing was to keep our family and friends updated on our daily lives and with the girls, but now it seems as if even our grandparents have a Facebook page. I can't help but feel like I need to in force a little privacy for the girls' sake. I'm not 100% either way, but it's on my mind.


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Anonymous said...

i love reading your blog! your girls are gorgeous and you speak whats on your mind even if it is the "dirty work" of being a mom. i would understand if you left, but would certainly miss coming here and reading about your family!

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