February 6, 2013


I blogged a whopping ONE TIME in January. Just once. That's it!
I wasn't exactly busy, just living life.
Alyssa and Allison started public school last month and that has been quite the journey. It was a rough start, but I think that we are all starting to enjoy this new chapter.
I've been working with Madelynn on how to spell her name. We have made it to M-a-d-e and then she gets distracted. *sigh* It's a process, right?!
With the start of public school, we also adapted a new bedtime...not just for the girls either.
All three girls now head up to bed a little before 7 and are usually asleep by 7:15. I, on the other hand, am not far behind them and like to be in bed no later than 9. This old night owl has changed her ways! I guess a 6am wake-up call will do that to someone.
Johnathon's mom also came to visit for a few weeks. It had been so long since we had any company in our home, it was a nice change of pace. I know the girls are sad that she left and miss seeing her everyday.
A few months ago I purchased tickets to see Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream and we attended that as well. I have more pictures, but here is one of the whole gang before the show.
It was such a fabulous show and even the adults enjoyed it.
I've started babysitting for the two neighbor girls, K and T. It's just a temporary situation while other arrangements can be made, but we are having a fun time with it. I know Madelynn wakes up every morning excited to see her friends. It does make for a busy day, but that's nothing new to me.
I can't remember what I covered in my last foster care update, but we passed our MMPI-2 and were approved by the board. We had our in-depth interview with our social worker and were given a folder of paper work to complete along with our finger printing, DMV records, first aid & CPR certification, and clearance from our doctors. This round of paper work makes the application look like child's play. Again, it's not that it's hard to complete, just time consuming and full of making appointments. Thank goodness for Kathleen, our social worker. She is so patient and answers my 15 daily emails.
Initially, we were very excited when we snagged the last spot in the January training class, but soon realized that we were perhaps biting off more than we could chew. We suddenly found ourselves overwhelmed and rushed with the entire process and that is just not the way that we were wanting this to be. It was in no way the fault of the agency, just us being too enthusiastic. We will now be joining the next class and that opened up a 5 week window to get all of our appointments scheduled.
We will still be certified much sooner than I had originally thought and I am very happy about that.
That's enough for now, I have two 3 year old girls begging me to play with Mr. Potato head. :)

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