October 5, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Neighborhood BOO Baskets

Day 5: Neighborhood BOO Baskets
I just love doing these neighborhood games!! Who doesn't enjoy getting surprise goodies and being able to put together something special for another family? Too cute!
I found these printables at The TomKat Studio which I love, love, love.
It's a great site for party planning and inspiration.
We filled a big black bucket full of all sorts of goodies...candy, toys, bubbles, pencils, glow sticks, chocolate. We also added a small box of our fresh rice krispie treats as well.
I figured the big black buckets would be better for people in San Diego than a pumpkin or other basket since the kids could use it at the beach or any sand box.
It was so much fun taking them to the neighbors house, leaving it on their door step, ringing the doorbell and RUNNING AWAY!
Since I was the first one to start the game and we live in a larger neighborhood, I made three baskets and chose not to put the sign on our door. Maybe now my girls will get a special surprise too!!
Here are the printables for you to use also, but please stop by The TomKat Studio and see what other fun things they have to offer.

 Happy Friday, everyone!

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