August 18, 2012

Slumber Party Recap

The girls had a slumber party last weekend and here are the three main divas!!

They all got manicures, pedicures and wore a clear face mask peel.

For pedicures I used the girls' recliners and had them soak their feet in a moisturizing soak that I found at Target. They got their nails clipped, legs moisturized, nails painted and some amazing foot massages. :)

For manicures I used an activity tray and the same moisturizing soak from Target. They received the same treatment on their hands as they did on their feet. They even got to pick out their colors all on their own.

The facial mask peels started off as a great hit!! The girls loved the feeling of them drying and they kept scrunching their noses and giggling. It was cute. When it came time to peel it off, they were less than thrilled. A few of their hairs got stuck in it and they all three had a melt down. Haha.

After all of that spa treatment, we settled down on the living room floor and watched a few movies while munching on some popcorn.

The next day we played outside and ate cupcakes until the other girls left. Overall it was a fun 24 hours and worth all of the exhaustion.


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