April 19, 2012

28 weeks...

It's been 28 weeks since I have seen my husband. Enough said.

I decided to take the entire night off from packing yesterday. It was a nice break from something that has been consuming me 24/7 for a week. I woke up this morning determined to just finish.

My problem now? I only have two empty boxes left. :(

I have been sorting laundry like a mad woman. Not all of our clothes will be making the trip to California with us. Unfortunately, over half of the girls' clothes will be staying (aka: being sold at our garage sale) as well as most of their toys. I ask that no one takes it personally, we simply don't have the room to take everything.

Johnathon arrived at his current port today and was able to call. It was amazing to hear his voice and let the girls talk to him. I, however, only got to talk for a few minutes until the phone shut off. Such is my life.

Anyway, Johnathon won a tour of his port and should be heading out on that today. It's safe to say that I am a tad jealous right now. :) I wrote a 10 page paper on this country back in High School and would love to be in his shoes right now. I hope he enjoys himself.

My mom starts chemo again in May. We have learned that this will be a more mild form of chemo and that she may not get as nauseous. We also learned that it varies from person to person whether or not they lose their hair. She will go once a week, every week, for 3 months. They have asked her to get her chemo treatment on a dialysis day AFTER her dialysis treatment so the medicine is not pulled from her body too quickly. This will make for a very long day. Four hours in the dialysis center followed immediately by at least four hours in the cancer center...she will be weak.

Tomorrow is my last night at work. This place, whether they know it or not, has been a huge part of my life. I started working their in High School and was able to save enough money to pay for my entire wedding. I had no intention on working there again until I was asked to. This time around I have made new friends and experienced it in a whole new way. Laura over at Chambanamoms.com even wrote a nice article about us...I was her server!! If you're in the central Illinois area I would suggest you make the drive to visit this place. It's a wonderful restaurant set with a 50's diner theme, complete with a classic car for viewing and walls covered in old photographs of the town.

Ted's Garage is even having their first Sock-Hop this weekend (Sunday, April 22nd) from 1-4pm for K-5th graders. There will face painting, dancing, cosmic bingo, coloring contests and even a costume contest for the best dressed boy AND girl wearing 50's attire. My favorite part? We are also having a bake sale and ALL proceeds will be donated to the St. Jude Children's Hospital. What a great cause!! I encourage everyone to purchase a ticket today ($5 per child) and stop by for a little afternoon fun. Each ticket purchased will also receive an old fashioned coke bottle to enjoy.

Well, I better get my butt in gear and finish packing.


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