March 22, 2012

An Hour

7:00pm- Chinese take-out for dinner. Yum!

7:20-7:40pm- Alyssa and Allison take a bath. There is fighting over who gets washed first, gets certain toys and, of course, who gets out first. I get them dressed in their jammies, brush their hair, brush their teeth, clip their nails and hand out vitamins. Yes, I am that good.

7:40-8:00pm- Madelynn gets her bath. I let her play a little longer and take her time since she has her bandage on. She is taken out, dried off, boo boo inspected, jammies on, hair brushed, teeth brushed, ibuprofen given.

8:02pm- A full container of 'red sauce' from the sweet and sour chicken is spilled on my couch while I attempt to sit on the edge of my bed in peace.

8:03-8:15pm- I freak out and send all three girls to the bedroom while I clean up the sticky mess.

8:16pm- I have now calmed down and go to tell the girls how sorry I am and that accidents happen, but mommy wasn't prepared for such a BIG accident...except I find them opening a new toy without permission.

*They have been begging me for the new My Little Pony express train for weeks. Being the wonderful loving mother that I am, bought it for them under the circumstance that they would get it as soon as their room was clean. They took it upon themselves to get it off of the shelf in the closet where it was being kept and open it. Resulting in them BREAKING the toy in the process.

8:30pm- All three girls are in bed, lights off, and quiet. This mommy is NOT happy.

Now you know why I am always so exhausted! :)

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