February 1, 2012

PCS Orders

Well, it's official!!

I received an email from Johnathon today letting me know that we did indeed get new orders. This has been an exhausting and stressful time in our lives and I am very happy to put it all behind us.

For our own reasons, we chose to keep all of our options to ourselves until we got confirmation on a specific location. Without going into much detail, we thought Japan was our only option for a long time. After a few phone calls and waiting patiently (or as patiently as I could stand) for months, our next duty station is...

Are you ready?

Sure you want to know?



Yep, we are headed back to sunny San Diego this Summer.

At first I was bummed. I really hated that we would be moving back to the same place we just spent the last 5 years (7 for Johnathon) and we would be so far away from our friends and family. I guess I always thought that part of being in the military was moving around and getting to see different places. We've had our fair share of moves, but all in the same area of California.

Except the government had other plans.

After thinking about it a little further, I am pretty excited. I didn't realize how much I truly enjoyed living there until I went back to visit Johnathon in October. Leaving the airport and seeing the bay, driving down the interstate and feeling the sun on my face...it's our home.

One of the best perks about moving back to San Diego is that instead of staying in a hotel during Johnathon's homecoming, he will be walking off of the ship and going to our HOME. What a huge difference that will make!

I look forward to afternoon cookouts with friends and once again being able to attend the most amazing church. Above all else, I look forward to simply being a family again and watching my husband with our three daughters each and every day. Words cannot express my excitement for what is to come.

*Note to any family/friends who are attending Johnathon's homecoming: We kindly ask that you still find lodging at a nearby hotel as we try to make a smooth transition into living as a family after 18 months apart. Of course we still expect to see you every morning for breakfast and spend every moment possible with you. We genuinely thank you for making the trip out to California and spending this precious time with us.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

On a side note, I was able to find two old shutters at an antique mall the other day that will be used as headboards in Alyssa & Allison's bedroom. I also decided against all three bedding options from my previous post and went for a solid white for each of them. (Option B was my favorite by the way.) It's not as boring as it sounds! It's part of Target's 'Simply Shabby Chic' collection and is full of different textures and ruffles. In the end, I think it is a better fit with the other elements in the room. Unfortunately, I am saving it all for our new house in San Diego so I won't be able to share pictures until then. It's going to kill me to wait that long! :)


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