January 26, 2012

Watch Week

Alyssa & Allison had a 'watch week' at dance on Thursday.

I get such a giggle out of watching them.

They are so precious and getting so big.

Today is day 4 of trying to get the girls to clean their own room...still no luck. It's also their 4th day with no DS either. The rule is, as soon as I can vacuum their floor they can each have their DS back. Until that happens, I have no guilt over keeping them hidden. :)

I paid my first parking ticket today.
The lady laughed when I said "Thanks a bunch, hopefully I never see you again."
At least one of us was laughing.

I got to talk to Johnathon after a few days of no communication. He's safe.

My mom had a GREAT appointment today and hopefully there will be a surgery scheduled soon.
\Your prayers are always appreciated.

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