January 30, 2012

Just A Few Photos...and some words.

I had a few random pictures that I figured I would share with everyone. They are 100% straight from my camera where they were taken from my basement apartment with horrible lighting...so be nice! :)

I just had to show everyone how insanely crazy I am.
I paid $13 to send my husband a box of CHIPS.
Yes, I love him that much.

This was the other box that I sent that day, minus the huge stack of pictures and letters from the girls. It was this particular box that kept me in the post office so long that I got a parking ticket. I was trying to be super wife and surprise Johnathon with some Mt. Dew, only I didn't have it properly wrapped. If I hadn't opened my mouth and asked (my package was already sealed shut) then no one would have been the wiser and my package would have been sent. It also would have exploded and ruined the rest of the food/snacks in the box.

I try to make sure they are fully stocked on Pixy Stix and gum with each box and the rest is just what I grab as I am shopping. I sent plastic spoons with the pudding and I always try to put in something that I know Johnathon doesn't like so I know he is sharing with everyone.
*sneaky sneaky*

This is the fabulous shirt that I made for Madelynn a few weeks ago.

Johnathon has yet to really see the doll house that Santa brought the girls for Christmas. I think it's safe to say that it was their favorite gift. It stays in the living room as does all of the little pieces that go with it. They We have done a great job as keeping them picked up each night.

This is my usual view each night...all three girls lined up at the tiny TV.
*If you haven't heard the story about the TV, Johnathon sold our when I moved to Illinois. My wonderful mother offered her bedroom TV for us to use. It's a 13in flat screen and we don't mind. I'm not about to buy a big TV without Johnathon. My luck I would buy the wrong size or brand.

As you can tell by her diaperless bottom, Madelynn has been going around each night without a diaper. We have had very few accidents and she is getting better at letting me know when she needs help. On a side note, look at how long her hair is getting!!

Here are all three of my little ladies one morning.
Allison, Alyssa & Madelynn

And we are ending this with a picture of little Maddie Jane.

Life has been a little rocky as of late.

*Communication with Johnathon was nonexistent last weekend for about 5 days. I know that sounds silly, but an email every other day is really what keeps me going.

*I just can't seem to keep up with the house work. We are always sleeping in and getting home late. The girls are at the age where they can help, but only when told exactly what to do. I'm just exhausted and sick of cleaning.

*Alyssa, who has gotten better since, has quite the mouth on her. It just so happens that her mouth is accompanied by a diva attitude. Last week was a nightmare for me and I thought I was at my breaking point. There was a lot of No, Why, I don't want to, and I don't have to's on her part and a lot of time-out giving, DS removals, and early bedtimes on my part. It was rough, to put it lightly.

*My mom got good news at the doctor and a surgery will hopefully get scheduled soon. I am happy for her,  but it's bringing back a lot of bad memories for me and my emotions are crazy.

*I just miss my husband.
I know everyone misses him, but he is my husband. He is the father to my beautiful daughters who ask about him everyday. He is my partner in this life and he isn't here. I have my good days. I have my bad days. Most days are a combination of both. A little bit of lonely is okay, but this is ridiculous. I can't even remember the number of times that he has called and two minutes (literally) into our conversation, the phone goes out.

I received a care package from him today. He bought me a new set of my favorite knives. I received my first set of them as a wedding gift and fell in love with them. That was over 5 1/2 years ago. The knives are still great, but with all of our moves, some have gone missing over time. He knows me too well.

*Madelynn is sick.

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