June 29, 2011

Happy Wednesday

I started this post last night, but stopped midway to rock Madelynn to sleep. When duty calls, nothing else matters but my babies!!

I've posted pictures of the girls on their last two days of Vacation Bible School...even though that was over a week ago. My bad.

I caught Alyssa on the top bunk last night. She had used her night stand as a step and then had Allison help her. She thought it was awesome...I was less than thrilled.

Maybe this weekend we will try out them sleeping on the top bunk. It all just scares me a little.

Alyssa is mad at the Navy. She claims that she called her, (yes, she thinks the Navy is a female) and that the Navy said that Daddy could stay with us forever. She's upset!

Madelynn thinks that anyone who pulls into the driveway is her Daddy. It's sad to see her face when she realizes that it isn't.

Allison pretty much plays off of my emotions. If I can hold it together, then she is fine!

Mom Update:

Wednesday-oncologist appointment.

Thursday-PET scan.


She keeps me busy, huh?!

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