June 27, 2011


Johnathon left yesterday after a fabulous 12 day stay here in Illinois. I have so many emotions that it is hard to organize them all into a sentence so I will leave it at...I'm sad. Very, very sad.

More importantly, today we celebrated Alyssa & Allison's 4th birthday!! We did cake both on father's day and last Friday. We were able to not only celebrate with both sides of the family, but with Daddy too!! We opted to get the girls a set of bunk beds for their birthday and so far they are a HIT!! We make them both sleep on the bottom for now, but they are very anxious to try out the top.

Madelynn's sleep schedule is O-F-F....enough said.

I've been working a lot lately and I am loving it. It's usually just a few hours in the afternoon and I'm able to have a little money in my pocket everyday when I leave. What's better than that? I thought that it would be harder on me to leave the girls, but surprisingly there is no guilt.

I spent the majority of my day outside with the girls. They were able to play while I unpacked more boxes and organized the zillions on piles of crap that we do not need. It's my plan to sort through it all, get rid of half and organize the rest. I'm sure this will keep me busy and my mind clear while Johnathon is away.

I'm glad July is a slow and easy month...I need that.

My mom is doing good. We went to Chicago and they want her to get a PET scan done, MRI of the brain, pulmonary function test, and wear her new cpap machine for at least 2-4 weeks before we schedule anything further. They are even throwing around the idea of chemotherapy. I'll do my best to continue to write about her journey, after all, it's sure to be a long one.

I'm exhausted and I have a 19 month old who refuses to sleep without her Daddy around.


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