May 31, 2011


My mom's surgery is tomorrow and I can't help but be completely nervous. The realization of how close we were to losing her last time is almost too much to think about. The doctors are taking certain measures to watch her more closely, but there is nothing to prevent her from coding again. It's hard.

My mind instantly goes to the 'what if's and possibilities. I'm hoping that after a nice talk with my mom and a restful nights sleep, I will be ready in the morning.

Once again, your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated at this time. If not only for her making it safely through her surgery tomorrow, but also that the cancer has not spread.

It is often hard to remember that she does still have cancer. After everything we have been through this month, I keep forgetting that it was cancer that got us here in the first place.

My grandma and her.

Here is also a picture of my sister at her graduation.

The girls and I had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and hope you all did as well.

I will do my best to keep everyone updated tomorrow.

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