April 26, 2011

Mommy Moment...and a few other things.

Last Thursday was an amazing day.

The twins wanted to spend the night with their Nana and my niece Emma, having the next day off of school, wanted to spend the night with me.


I only had an 18 month old and a well-behaved 6 year old. SCORE!

By the time Friday afternoon arrived I made the mistake of assuming it was okay to lay down on the couch and 'rest my eyes'.

I sat up suddenly after a few minutes and decided I should probably call and check-up on my girls. That's when it happened.

I couldn't find me phone.

I went crazy and turned my entire house upside down. Cushions were thrown, toys were scattered, my voice was raised. My ONLY phone was missing.

Getting a little burnt out on searching for a tiny phone, I decided I would take a break and use the restroom.

There, in the toilet, was my new pack of bobby pins. WONDERFUL, I thought. Emma had used the restroom and not only did she not shut the bathroom door, but she didn't flush. Even more wonderful! I reluctantly reached down and grabbed the bobby pins...

That when I saw it.

My phone.

My phone...in the toilet...an unflushed toilet...for over an hour.

Madelynn has stolen my phone and thrown it in the toilet in the few minutes that I had closed my eyes.

My phone has yet to turn back on.

WARNING: This is the part where I complain. :p

I am officially boycotting any teeth brushing that is not my own. Twice a day, everyday I brush 4 sets of teeth. That's 8 times a day!! It's exhausting and annoying! I would love to go one day without tooth paste on my shoulder/chest from holding the girls in such a way to get their back teeth. Just thinking of our bedtime routine tonight makes me want to SCREAM!

In case I haven't mentioned it before, my laundry room is in my garage. No problem, right? WRONG! To get to my garage I have to walk outside because there is no door connecting my house to my garage. When you have three small children, one of whom screams if I leave the room, it's a challenge.

My furniture is STILL in California. Enough said.

Thank you so much for all of the comments and emails about my mom's cancer. I really appreciate all of the kind words and you will never know the amount of hope it gives me.

It still seems so unreal.

As much as I think that I am handling it well, the "what if"s are starting to sink it. Is the unknown harder to handle than knowing? At least then we will have a game plan. I feel as if we are wasting time and it would do wonders to know if I was worrying for a reason or not.

A double mastectomy is scary, but the thought of the cancer spreading is just too much to bare.

Please continue to pray as the next two week are sure to be hard and full of needed information.


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