January 4, 2011


2011 is off to a great start!!
I feel happy and optomistic about what the year holds for us. We will travel to Illinois in late Spring to attend a very important wedding and many parties. Back to California for the Summer...my niece, Emma, will be visiting for 6 weeks. August we are packing up our house and driving across country where I will find an apartment for the three girls and I to live while Johnathon is out to sea. That is where we will stay for almost a year until we pack everything up again and move wherever the Navy sends us. Anyone else exhausted just talking about it?
Madelynn has decided that crawling is for babies and refuses to do it anymore. If/when she falls over, she's back up in seconds and continues to stumble across the floor. She no longer walks as if she is wearing beer goggles or walking on a boat. :)
My mother-in-law has her lumpectomy tomorrow to remove the cancer in her breast. It should be what I hope is an easy and routine procedure, but prayer is greatly appreciated. Neither Johnathon and I or his sister, Becky, are able to be there for her on the day of her surgery and that has been very hard on us all.

Please just take a moment and not only pray for a quick and painless recovery, but that they are successful at removing everything and find out that it has not spread. If all goes well then she may get away with only radiation and not go through the torture of chemotherapy.

Thank you.
It may just be my imagination, but I would almost bet money that Alyssa & Allison have grown a few inches. They don't get measured for awhile, but I've noticed that their pants are now capris and capris are now long shorts. They've also nearly outgrown all of their shoes. They went from having a ton to choose from to blisters on their ankles. :( For some reason all I see are $dollar signs$ flashing in my head. haha.

It's a duty day.
Enough said.

I've acquired a horrible habit of going 3-5 days without doing a single load of laundry. Does anyone know how many change of outfits two 3 year old girls go through a day?? A lot!

No worries, I got all caught up!!

I decided to pick up the living room a little while the girls were sleeping today. The look on Allison's face when she woke up was priceless. With her eyes sparkling, she looked up at me and said, "Thank you for finally cleaning, Mommy." Then she gave me a hug. Haha.

Thanks, sweetheart, Mommy didn't realize the house was so horrible to begin with...

...or that her 3 year old was noticing!

Alyssa, Madelynn, & Allison

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