January 23, 2011

Monday Already?

Well, technically it's still Sunday, but you get my drift.

Another weekend has come and gone and I have little to show for it. Johnathon and I decided to take it easy this weekend and relax so very little packing got done and even less cleaning. Unfortunately, that means that I have to play catch-up tomorrow. Fun!

I've also got to make an appointment to file our taxes, call about last minute doctor appointments for the kids, see about getting an extra copy of all our records, birth certificates and other documents. It's sure to be a long day!

Madelynn is going through her first 'word explosion'. If she hears it once, she says it 50 times throughout the day. It's amazing and sad all at the same time. My baby is growing up.

I'm now making 3 bowls at breakfast and 3 plates at dinner...Madelynn feeds herself now (or the best she can!). I see a lot of changes going on in our house and it feels great.

It's about three weeks until we fly to a snow-covered Illinois. I'm getting a little anxious. Most would think that was because I am flying home with three little gals, but I'm more worried about freezing my bottom off when we get there. We have to dress for warm California, but carry our coats/pack warm clothes for the chilly Midwest. Am I really up for this?

Madelynn is teething. Enough said!

I'm thinking about purchasing Muzzy to teach the girls Spanish. Has anyone use this product before? It's a little expensive and I am curious to see how well you liked it.

Alyssa and Allison amaze me more and more everyday. They want to know everything lately. Why is the sky blue, when will they lose their baby teeth, where does grass come from, when can they wear a bra, why do Boots & Swiper talk, but the other animals outside don't? It's crazy what goes on in the head of a 3 year old. I love knowing that they are curious and want to know the answers to these questions.

More tomorrow, xoxo

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