December 23, 2010

Useless Information

Having two 3 year olds has got to be the highlight of Christmas. Everything is fun and exciting to them and I am loving the sparkle in their eyes.

Reindeer food has been mixed and is sitting by our front door waiting to be tossed over our front yard.

1 C. Oatmeal
1 Jar Gold Glitter
1 C. Fruit Loops
A few M & M's (whatever the girls didn't shove in their mouths first)
And whatever else was in arms reach today!! :)

It finally stopped raining today and Johnathon was able to take the girls to the park for the first time this week.

We made sugar cookies the other day....they didn't last 24 hours.

I kept reading on everyone's blog that their 2 and 3 year olds knew everything about Santa and that he brought gifts and everything else. My girls are just not like that. Of course they know who Santa is and that he has reindeer...the basics. As far and him sneaking into our house and leaving gifts during the night was unknown to them...until last night.

I made the mistake of telling an ornery Allison that Santa could see her not listening to her Momma and that she was still awake at 11pm. I told her that because she was acting so poorly that Santa may decide to put her on the naughty list and she wouldn't get any presents like her sisters.


She freaked out! Sobbed! She began screaming and begging me to call Santa and tell him that she was sorry. She told me that she would go to sleep and be a good girl if I would just call Santa. She then started looking around her room trying to figure out how Santa could be watching her. It was awful.

I let her calm down a little bit and then explained to her that I would TRY to get a hold of Santa (the man is busy this time of year, ya know) and talk to him about what happened. She fell asleep pretty quick after that. :)
I finally found a doctor and learned what I need to do to get on birth control. Words cannot express my relief and joy!! For those of you who are new to my blog, I have a blood clotting disorder so most doctors don't feel safe putting me on anything. The few that do, my insurance won't cover the $600 for it.

With any luck, it will be a few years before we add another little pebble to the Stone family. (Haha...get it? Pebble...stone....I just crack myself up!)
Madelynn is such a goof. I took over 30 pictures of just her the other day and THIS was one of the better ones. {sigh}

Johnathon is home until Tuesday and I am loving it. I've been sleeping in everyday, slipping out of the house for appointments and even grabbing a few last minute gifts. It's amazing! What he gives me in sleep, I repay with fabulous home cooked meals. It's a pretty fair trade!! :)
I am out of butter and must make the dreaded trip to Wal-Mart tomorrow to pick some up. How did I let this happen? It's going to be a mad house out there!! Oh well, duty calls! Santa needs cookies and we can't make those without butter.

Wish me luck!!
God Bless and have a safe holiday!

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