December 31, 2010

Late Night Nothings

It's a little after 1am and my house is silent.

I can't sleep.

This is becoming more and more frequent lately and I'm not liking it too much. I wake up exhausted and grouchy which isn't the best way to start your day with three little girls.

In other news, all of our Christmas decorations are down...and have been since the day after Christmas.

I've been slowly turning our master closet into a 'family closet'. I've read about a lot of other moms doing this and have thought about it for awhile now and will be posting pictures later this week. It seems to be working great for us and I am trying to figure out why we didn't do the switch sooner.

I thank God every single day for my little Maddie Jane!! She has taught me a whole new way to parent my children. A whole new way to love. A whole new way to be a mother. She is everything that I never knew I wanted or needed. She is my very own breath of fresh air!!

Tomorrow is a duty day for Johnathon. Yay for another New Year's Eve alone!! At least I can have a small celebration with the girls before their 9pm bedtime. Fun times!!

My little sister, Cassy, is getting MARRIED!! Her boyfriend popped the question on Christmas morning.

Just when I thought that my 'no diaper, poop everywhere', I mean stage...was behind me, Madelynn has learned to take off her pants and diaper. {sigh} Why me? Seriously?! All kidding aside, I had my all time #1 mess the other night. Madelynn took off her poopy diaper, ate the contents in it, puked it all up and then played in it. Oye, the smell!! It was like an animal had been rotting in her closet for months. One millions thanks for my husband for taking her straight the bathtub and cleaning her up.

Thanks to everyone for the Christmas packages that you sent. Everything was a huge hit with the girls and we are so thankful for such a great family!!

Good night, I hope!!

God Bless

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